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Ted Hose VS Ace Wraps

Last post 10-12-2008, 4:26 PM by Chrissa McCraw-Schmit. 0 replies.
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  •  10-12-2008, 4:26 PM

    Ted Hose VS Ace Wraps

    I have a question to those working in LTC facilities. My current facility has a policy of wrapping the residents that have feet and leg edema due to CHF etc.. in ace wraps instead of using what I had always thought was standard policy of Teds. Having gone to nursing school and working  in hospitals and LTC facilities in Florida for 5 years before moving to Minnesota, the ace wraps seem archaic and unncessary, as the residents have ridges and markings from the wraps from the previous day when I have to wrap them in the mornngs. One of our RN nurse managers seems to believe in this method of treatment and writes it up for anyone with edema. I personally believe it is ineffective and painful for the resident, anyone else heard of this and do these treatments, or am I just out of the loop on this one? And as for the post regarding the TMA's (trained medication assistants), I work with a few of them, and just like every position in a facility, you have some good people and some not so good people, and it does make me uncomfortable knowing I have to "cover" these aides, and that no matter what they might do, it is eventually my resposibility. But I hear of more facilities hiring them because the facility get's by with paying them less than a "nurse" would be making, but then the nurses here have to cover all insulins and narcotics, which really doesn't save us any time or effort having to run constantly to do our own jobs and half of theirs. I believe they should either train them to be LPN's or return them to aides, because they don't like having to come to the LPN for "help" with everything any more than we enjoy dropping everything to handle what they cannot "touch". 

    MN Transplant LPN