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Exit exams for LPN schools????Pls Help

Last post 01-06-2009, 11:02 PM by Dawn Rocco. 7 replies.
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  •  09-20-2007, 8:54 PM

    Exit exams for LPN schools????Pls Help

    Hi everyone, I graduated LPN last August and now the school is giving us exit exams which in our handbook doesnt say about when we asked them they say that they can change any policies they want anytime, so I took the exit 1 time I failed and then I have to wait another month took the 2nd one I still failed, my question is that does the exit exam should be compulsary because we already graduated? The school wont release us unless we pass the exit exam is this legal? The school doesnt even support us knowledge base if we dont pass the exit, pls help coz I really want to concentrate on my NCLEX exam itself instead of taking this exit exam which is a waste of time and money and is not an assurance that we gonne pass th NCLEX-PN itself, pls help.
  •  09-26-2007, 2:29 AM

    RE:Exit exams for LPN schools????Pls Help

    is excelsior a good program?
  •  10-03-2007, 5:48 PM

    Re: Exit exams for LPN schools????Pls Help

    I also had to take an exit exam when i graduated April of 2006 and my school's policy was also to not release transcripts until the exit exam is passed. Maybe it is a state requirement. Try not to stress and concentrate on jumping on hurdle at a time. First the exit exam and then the NCLEX. You can think of the exit exam as an excellent way of keeping you test taking skills sharp. Good Lck

  •  12-08-2007, 3:33 PM

    Re: Exit exams for LPN schools????Pls Help


    Im going thru the same thing with my school.

    I graduated Nov 8th & took the exit exam and failed it twice. I was never told about this prior to enrolling in the program. The entire program was stressful enough and then having to deal with this exit exam,, Im just ready to focus on my boards. my school is giving 3 different exams. One by ATI and NLN.

  •  12-08-2007, 11:30 PM

    Re: Exit exams for LPN schools????Pls Help

    Hello.  I am the Assistant Director of a Practical Nursing program in Philadelphia.  Our students just completed their exit exams which were administered online through the ATI program.  There was always a policy in place for all students to score at least 60% on this test in order to complete their graduation requirement, but it was never enforced until I and the new DON came on board in February and June, respectively. 

    There was a lot wrong with our program and we worked hard to make the needed requirements put forth by the State Board of Nursing.  We regained full Board approval this past July. One of the first things we did was to purchase the ATI program for our students.  We gave them the updated policy, in May when we gave them the books.  Of course no one remembered this when it came time to take the exam, but we gave them ample time to do the practice tests and read through the books.  Most of them had a defeatest attitude before they took the test.  The new policy stated that they would need 68% in order to be signed off for graduation, but we decided to go back to the old 60% policy because so many people complained. The reason for the testing is to determine the likelihood of them passing the NCLEX on the first attempt.  68 % gave a 90% chance whereas 60% gave only an 85% chance.  Most schools want a 100% first time pass rate.

    Out of 61 students, only 23 passed the ATI exam on their first attempt.  8 people retook the exam a week later, and all but 1 passed.  We had their pinning ceremony last Saturday.  We allowed all 61 to receive their pin, but did not give diplomas to those who had not passed.

    This past Thursday, 15 students, including the one who failed twice, retook the test.  They all passed!  There was one student who only scored 36% on the initial exam, but scored 60.6% this second time around.  I have 16 students who are scheduled to retake the exam next Wednesday.

    The reason I am telling you all this is because we, as educators, are not doing this to be mean or because we want you to fail, it is because we want you to achieve.  These exams will help to prepare you for what to expect on the NCLEX.  It is also a reflection of how well we were able to prepare you to become clinicians.  If you fail the NCLEX, it makes us look bad more so than you because it is telling the State Board of Nursing that we did not do our job  well.  So, go forward with a positive attitude.  Believe in yourself and your abilities to achieve the despite the obstacles that might stand in your way.

    Be Blessed,

    Victoria G. Nunnally, BSN, RNC

  •  12-16-2007, 1:16 PM

    Re: Exit exams for LPN schools????Pls Help

    Oh, my...

    I cannot think of any time that I have ever taken a class that 60% or even 68% was considered passing! In Dental Hygiene school, our minimum was 83% on most tests, with a retake allowed if we did fail. Even the NLN test we have to take in order to qualify for the Bridge from LPN to RN at my Alma Mater is 73%.
    As student hygienists, we even had to take our National Boards and our CRDTS clinical licensing Boards before we graduated, because we cannot work as a  Dental Hygienist until we have our license in our hands. That meant not working until we did pass both of the big tests, and finding patients that qualified for the Clinicals again, sans an office to examine them. There is no such thing as temporary licensure for RDH here.We had to pass an optional but strongly recommended 1 cr course that included testing in order to prepare for our Boards (two of them, one National and one Regional/Clinical).

     While this may help to prepare graduates for their Boards, I also hope that where your graduates are falling behind on those exit exams, you are finding ways to strengthen your program for future students in those areas?



  •  07-01-2008, 1:35 PM

    Re: Exit exams for LPN schools????Pls Help

    I am trying to get information on passing scores for exit exams around the country. My daughter who just finished her BSN has been going through hell with the exit exam at her school. When she started the program the passing score was an 850, they have sinced changed it to 950.  She has scored above the 850 3 times and yesterday, scored a 949. They will not pass her. They are basically holding her diploma hostage for one point. I am going to contact her dean but would like to have the statistics on the passing scores at other schools first. Every time she "fails" the test, she has to take another class and big surprise, pay more money. It seems like this ridiculously high passing score is just a ploy by the school to wring more money out of the students and their families. Is there anything we can do?

  •  01-06-2009, 11:02 PM

    Re: Exit exams for LPN schools????Pls Help

    I am currently having the same problem with my school. I am a recent LPN graduate and my school requires me to take the exit exam. The school REFUSES TO RELEASE your name to the state until you have successfully passed their exit exam with a 90% or greater!!!!! I do not know if every school prepares their own exit exams for their students, but all I can tell you is that currently at my school our exams are (4) diferent versions with 100 questions and 4 hour time table.   I HAVE TRIED ON SEVERAL OCCASIONS (with no success) to find out exactly what or how I should prepare myself to take this exam but there is not a teacher, counselor or any affiliate with the school that can help me!!! I don't have any idea on how or where to start to even try and prepare myself for this exam. All that the personnel at the school keeps telling me is just start studying everything because we can not tell you because we do not know whats on it!! They tell me that there is no such text book or exam guide, etc that I can benefit from.  After 4 attempts they state that you MUST RE-TAKE the LPN COURSE!!!! Also everytime you re-take the exit exam without passing they charge you a fee to re-take it!!! My questions are IS THIS LEGAL and is there any textbooks, etc. that focus mainly on taking this exit exam!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, my class consisted of 20 students and out of the 20 only 3 students have passed this exam within the past 8months, while others are on their 4th try! If there is anyway possible that you could help me I would GREATLY APPRECIATE IT!!! Thank you in advance for all your help.