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office nurses

Last post 01-29-2009, 11:21 PM by Stacy Timms. 8 replies.
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  •  01-10-2008, 9:58 PM

    office nurses

    Is there anyone out there who works in an medical office?  And if so, how do you feel about being treated on the same level as an medical assistant?  Does your office have floater nurses?  I like the salary and the daytime hours but I am frankly getting sick to death of being treated on the same level as a medical assistant.  I went to college and worked hard to recieve my nursing license.  I need to know if there is anyone out there feeling the same way.  I don't want to work in a hospital setting or a nursing home setting.  I have decided that it is way past time that I went ahead and finished getting that RN degree.  I really feel that LPNs don't get the respect they deserve.
  •  01-14-2008, 6:36 PM

    Re: office nurses

    I agree with you  1000%.Have experience the same, even told you are just a LVN.
  •  03-09-2008, 9:35 AM

    Re: office nurses

    As an office LPN I am often made to feel like a dummy by the CMA that has been in this specialty for over 6 years.  Just because I am still learning this specialty doesn't mean I am a complete dummy.  I have functioned in OB/ Med Surg/ LTC/ Skilled/ Psych/ Peds as well as an LPN in a different specialty office of Cardiology.


    This CMA's attitude towards LPN's stinks to say the very least--'Dang LPN's--don't know what they're doing.'  I am frankly unable to let the supervisor (an RN) know of this dissention bacause this CMA has quite frankly been given too much power to dictate in the office and therefore has in the process become 'perfectly' untouchable.  I will bite my lip about it for now until I finish the RN program and find a position that I am appreciated and respected at.  Cr-a-p I have been in the healthcare field since before she thought about getting her CMA.  I'd like to see her function with the responsibilities I have in the past.  I believe in helping the new people until they are comfortable in their new position--I guess that is the Nurse in me.

    I was a CNA for 12 years (before I graduated High School even) and have been an LPN now for 10 years. I just hope my 3.5 GPA and test scores get me into the local transitions program. 

    I have meoved here form  Iowa and miss my practice there.  I 'felt' like a nurse (and had the near same responsibilities as an RN) in Iowa no matter where I practiced but in Indiana they do not hire many LPN's into the hospitals unless you know the right people to get hired (I miss working in the hospital).

    Sorry had to vent a little.  I just get so frusterated sometimes.  Thank Goodness the Dr I work for in this office acknowledges my capabilities.  he prefers LPN's to work for him because in his words we have m ore experience and know our pt's better.  I am gonna miss working for this Dr when it comes time to leave.  He has taught me so much with his patience and guidance. Because of him I am finally ready to tackle the transitions courses for my RN.

  •  09-10-2008, 9:28 PM

    Re: office nurses

    this is so true what can be done about it though
  •  10-13-2008, 9:38 AM

    Re: office nurses

    I have been an LPN for 20 years ( also have been in medical field 10 years before that) LPN's are being replaced by medical assist. I recently went on a interview and the dr told me I had to much experience!   The thing is $$$ dr's do not want to pay extra $5-6, for an lpn.  I was working in a family practice and training a new employee - a medical assistant whom had worked for a peds office for 4 years and this person didn't even know how to do a urine dip!  In my area Richmond, Va it is very hard to get an office job as LPN - medical assit. have taken over.

    What gets me here we as LPNs are state license and my state has really gone up on renewal fees!  But most important, there is a greater change that pt's will be put in danger.

    Reviewing job market in my area is mainly LTC (did that- very emotional for me -my last resort), or home health care



  •  10-20-2008, 7:40 PM

    Re: office nurses

    I just started working in a Medical Office.  I really like it.  there are 13 Nurses which 4 are RN's and we do have 1 MA.  I came from working over 9 years in an ER and I must say it is refreshing.  I am not treated any different so far than my RN co-workers, and our MA is top notch.  I wonder if we all make the same $$$ because no one does any thing different as anyone else.

        I do have a question I said I just started working in the practice.  now everyone knows things happen and at times,  well many times you just do not end your shift on time.  This practice states  that they do not give overtime,  so if you work beyond your shift,  you have to leave a voice message stating how many min. you stayed later,  then you come in the next day that much later.  so If I leave 30 min late,  I will come in the next day 30 min later.  I am upset about this because I was not informed about how they handle OT until I was hired and already working.  I wonder if this is in tuned with the fair labor act???  I also feel this is very unethical.  what do all of you think, and is this common practice in a doctor's office???

  •  01-29-2009, 10:34 AM

    Re: office nurses

    Same thing just happened to me. I have 28 years experience as an LPN and just interviewed for an office position. I was informed I had too much experience. I guess this doctor would reather hire an unexperienced MA reather than an experienced nurse.
  •  01-29-2009, 5:25 PM

    Re: office nurses

    i work part time thru the local hosp at md offices was hired to do data entry while going to all computer charting once we have all charts entered we will be absorbed into the offices

    previously i worked prn at the hosp skilled/rehab unit and at a local md office ( the private owner md of the local office at my interview also told me i had to much experiance) i've been an lpn since 1979 also have a 2 yr social work degree have done all kinds of nursing

    he basically said why should i pay you that when i can hire a med asst for less than  i left the interview very frustrated but was offered prn

    oh & by the way could i work 3 days a week cause the ma they hired just quit

    recently the hosp sent out yearly raises but i was redlined due to my years of experiance i now make to much according to them

    i do not want to go for my rn at this point in life  i enjoy being an LPN 


  •  01-29-2009, 11:21 PM

    Re: office nurses

    What grates on my nerves, is the MAs who refer to themselves as  NURSES