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New Lpn to BSN - distance learning

Last post 02-01-2009, 6:31 PM by Kim Kelley. 35 replies.
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  •  02-09-2007, 1:55 PM


    Rue doesnt offer classes/credits, only study guides which can be found on ebay for fraction of the I'm lost at how Excelsior doesnt accept Rues credits????

  •  02-13-2007, 12:09 AM


    I have been following the replies to this forum I started.

    It looks as if few have been successful with Excellcier or Rue.

    I work with a nurse who swears by Excellcier and agrees that one should stay away from Rue as a school. But him and another are the ONLY two LPNs I came to know to back this program out.

    My wants, needs are becomming my total focus of my life. Now my job secruity depends on it, once again. My husband and friend who have good business since say no to it all, its too costly of a risk. My luck has not been good, so I guess I will keep studying to try and do better on the NET exam, even though when the time comes that I finally pass it, my pre-recs will be so outdated it wont be funny.

    As far as the NET: I know the work, but I'm slow when it comes to calculating math without a calculator.C'on PLEASE who in their right mind in their nursing career does math calculations, like long hand division without a calculator!? I think the states that mandate this test, which I think is the majority of them, need to allow calculators and go from there.

    I am a 45, menopausal woman, overweight with stress related acne! I'm taking antidepressants to keep me from blowing up at everyone. They wonder why nursing students, LPN in RN school, go postal (not an excuse but makes you wonder the stress we are under to succeed). RELAX my outlet is this forum.

    I need a new game plan.Anyone willing to take on the job?Money is a big consideration, dah. I also feel my clock go tic, tic, tic. There are 3 year waiting lists here now.There was not when I started. Now you don't pick your choice of schools in the Maricopa Community College System. You choose first to fifth choice (least of my worries, I'm so despert to get in).

    Oh, and one last irritation: in my job searching: 'we don't hire LPNs. Our LPNs want to ellaborate their skills and are in the RN program.' Slap, slap, slap. Our new administrator wants to make our hospital a 'RN only workforce, with exception of CNAs'. Slap, slap. We can't even keep the RNs, we lost three this week, 2 others are on monthly LOA. State Health department, Medicare, Jacho and probably OSHA are threatening to close us down 'unsafe patient to nurse ratio, too many LPNs not enough RNs.'

    Ok, enough already.RESPONCES???

    Woe is me.  

    Pegasus Phoenix
  •  02-13-2007, 1:25 PM

    new LPN-BSN distance learning

    Because I don't live in AZ, I'm not sure what your pay rates are. The hospitals here tried to do without LPN's a few years ago and the RN's and the Doc's protested constantly at the loss of the workforce with the higher license (meaning LPN's) as opposed to the PSA's and PCT's that the hospital systems offered them. In NJ, I have found that as an agency nurse, I make a much higher salary than any staff RN. I don't have near the amount of responsibility that the RN's have. Most of them are in supervisory positions. I even work for an agency that is owned by a certain facility and we work for them on a constant basis. I find it much more interesting to go from place to place though. I've worked for DON's that foster an atmosphere  of  disrespect for their LPN's by belittling their scope of practice, skills or by advocating an RN only facility. With the shortage of nurses the way it is...let them...I'll move on to some place that does NOT diminish our professionalism. Quite a while ago, I felt the need to return to school for my RN...I expected myself to. Not any more. I am happy as an LPN.
  •  02-13-2007, 8:05 PM

    RE:new LPN-BSN distance learning

    Thought about agency nursing, again they do not utilize their LPNs here and its difficult to get work.I currently work for a speciality hospital. I have been there 6 years. Many LPNs there are new in one way or another. I make $26/hour. I'm happy with that.Comming from California 6 years ago making $13.00. I know LPNs in other states make less. If I were to work at a regular hospital or nursing home, I would probably make $18 tops with YOE I have. Agency make as much if not more than I do, when you work.

    Problem I'm also facing is I know more than most Rns that come here to work, truley. I help as much as I can within scope.But, I tell them you are in charge not me. Things don't get done, and the patients' care and safety suffer. Guess who they come after?ME. Why did I not do more to help, etc. The other day we had regestry Rns working.Never been here and one was a new grad. Doc has a bedside procedure to do.Asks me to set up. Wants me to assist. Had to inform him as a LPN I can not do conscious sedation or pushes. Guess what, neigther could the Rns.They were not even ACLS Certified, I am. I had to show them the paperwork.Tell them how to draw and administer the meds and when to re-assess patient. Needless to say, the Doc made me stay there to observe this RN until the supervior was able to take over. The Next time I worked, I was handed the conscious sedation and pre-op paperwork to fill out and set up patient for another procedure. Since I have worked there, I have NEVER been shown or asked to do this before.I refused.The procedure had to be rescheduled until an Available RN could do the recovery. I had to remind them, although I am a seasoned LPN, the jobs they ask of me are NOT within my scope here in Az. The items that were, I have not been trained on. The State Board came to investigate a complaint.Found not enough Rns, qualified or not for the volume of bedside and OR procedures we do. Because of this new regulations have been inforced. One is the MD needs to schedule the procedure 24 hours in advance so a qualified recovery Rn can be made available.Thank God.Before when there were enough Rns, they had to manage a team of 16 patients, 4 primaries and do recovery.The State put a stop to that.Amen!But the hospital is suffering. For a 56 bed facility we have 6 Ft dayshift Rns, two of which are leaving in the next month, one can not give NARCs, and 3 are PT, with one just quit.

    New Problem: The State Board, & JaCHO shut down our 3rd floor: ICU and dialysis unit due to Black Mold which may/may not be toxic. Rumor has it, OSHA & Medicare our investigating this week:complaints and health conditions.May end up closing the facility down.Hmm.Mixed feelings on that. Many employees and patients have been increasingly ill.Guess what? Symptoms are that of Black Mold Poisioning.

    More later.

    Pegasus Phoenix
  •  03-10-2008, 8:09 AM

    Re: Excelsior/RUe

    Ok here is my question, I am a LPN and I want to get my BSN. The company I work for will pay for my schooling as they did for my LPN. Since I am not worried about the cost, I would really like to get my degree from Indiana State University ( college net work). Is this really a bad idea or do I need to go thru Excelsior.
  •  03-11-2008, 1:20 PM

    Re: RE:RE:RE:New Lpn to BSN - distance learning

    Rue has a new program now that uses the books and online courses.  They guarantee you'll pass or else you can drop out and break the contract.  No one else let's you do that! 
  •  03-25-2008, 9:03 AM

    Re: New Lpn to BSN - distance learning

    I would have to strongly advised AGAINST signing up with the College Network. They signed me up for a number of classes that I didn't need, send me four deliveries of books that were totally inapproprate for my studies and never evaluated my past credits. They then refused to return my calls and evenually sent my account to collections. I was never able to contact Indiana State - was referred back to the College Network The whole experience was a nigthmare!!
    Kevin. M
  •  04-07-2008, 9:46 AM

    Re: New Lpn to BSN - distance learning

    I just learned about this program and have been seriously considering it since all of the clinicals are local.  That is a huge thing!  (I think)  But it looks good.  Why didn't you like it?  Please let me know.  I would appreciate any advice.  The reason I am considering online is because I am older with a family.  Our local community college doesn't offer any guarantees to get in to the nursing program.  I want to get started as soon as I can.  Thanks!
  •  04-21-2008, 10:35 PM

    Re: RE:RE:New Lpn to BSN - distance learning

    In reply to an Lpns salary, here in south jersey, as an experienced nurse of 15 yrs, I am making over 22.00 hr plus shift differential, although the new Rns are starting at close to 30.00. Of course in one of the most expensive states in the country to live in, it doesnt go far,, LOL that is why I have been considering distance learning, just not sure which one is better, Rue or College Network, any input would be appreciated! Thanks
  •  04-21-2008, 10:52 PM

    Re: RE:Excelsior/RUe

    Dear Pegasus, I feel your pain, I feel as LPNs we are greatly unappreciated, and underpaid! We constantly hear the that the administration at our hospital would love to make it an all RN hospital, but they could never get enough nurses there, they quit so fast, some of the new Rns as soon as they find out they have to do patient care, they run as fast as they can! LOL I sense that lpn jobs are going to be in jeopardy there shortly, and they will not hire any more lpns, the only ones that work there are just us older ones that have been there for years....I think we are going to be forced into getting our Rns or risk having a position, I am 48 and really dont feel like going back to school now!!!! :) we are all in this together! The best we can do is keep enlightening ourselves to the possiblities and hopefully find what is right for us...thanks for listening/// Deb
  •  06-06-2008, 12:37 PM

    Re: New Lpn to BSN - distance learning

    LVN to BSN information

         Have you tried the Indiana State University the LPN to BSn distance education program. I have heard great things. I have started the program. So far so good.

  •  06-06-2008, 12:40 PM

    Re: RE:RE:New Lpn to BSN - distance learning

    I have had good outcome so far with the Indiana State University Lpn to BSN distance education program.

  •  06-08-2008, 12:26 AM

    Re: New Lpn to BSN - distance learning

    I tried college network and started at excelsior college online.  Man, I hate it.  I don't think college network material helped at all. And I'm having a hard time at excelsior to boot.

    Any feedback would be helpful! Thanks

  •  06-24-2008, 11:05 AM

    Re: New Lpn to BSN - distance learning

    For any of you in TX, BON in TX does not recognize Indiana State University's BSN program at this time. Make sure you check with your SBON to find out before you sign up for this program. There is a distance learning forum on with a wealth of information and many doing this particular program who seem very dedicated and happy with it. Sounds like a good one to me, however, unable to do it in regards to TBON. Just a little info! Best wishes to you all!
  •  06-27-2008, 1:43 PM

    Re: Excelsior/RUe

    I am a LPN student but I have been researching both of these schools.  Just to let you know if you want your BSN then you would have to choose Indiana State University they are the only school in the nation that is all online LPN to BSN.  Excelsior has a BSN program but you must be an RN first.  Hope this helps your decision.  Cathy Gross
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