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Future for LPNs

Last post 08-12-2008, 10:09 AM by Elizabeth Bourdony. 37 replies.
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  •  11-20-2007, 7:00 PM

    Re: RE:Nursing shortage

    Wendy Newcomer:

    As an LPN of over 34 years I've heard for a long time that we'd be "phased out."  I haven't seen this happen during my career and I'm still working.  Nursing in our field has provided me a wide variety of assignments; everything from hospital ICU/CCU to home care and hospice.  It is true many of us can nurse circles around RNs.  A good LPN is invaluable.  MAs are not nurses.  Whoever is a "nurse" must hold a current license issued from the Board of Nursing to be called a "nurse."

     Wendy Newcomer, LPN, Richmond, Virginia


    Agreed. As an LPN of over 35 yrs, I have heard the same. In WI for awhile, there was only one school who still believed in us. Now, there are waiting lists at many schools once again.
    It does irritate me when hospitals train "Tech's" to do LPN work, and replace LPN's with them, however. The quality of care in the hospital I used to work at for so long (moved due to family reasons) was drastically less than when I worked there! As a post-op patient, I was very disappointed in 'my' hospital. Had I, as an LPN caring for new post-ops ever given that kind of nursing care, I would not have been around long!

  •  12-06-2007, 4:57 AM

    Re: RE:Nursing shortage

    I recently left a very busy ER where several LVN's were employed, all of which were excellent nurses. I heard yesterday that they are being phased out due to the hospital trying to get the Magnet status. If you are not currently in an RN program, you're history. I think some of us old ones (34 years) should be Grandfathred in because I just don't plan on nursing that many more years to make it worth the effort for me to go back to nursing school. I have heard for years that it would happen and now it's occurring rapidly in the Dallas area that we are being phased out. Too bad!
  •  12-15-2007, 6:33 AM

    Re: Future for LPNs

    I really don't think that its a question of replacing RNS, and it just seem practical to change the scope of practice for the LPNS.  I am a nurse in Arizona and we can't do blood, IV pain medications, cardiac IV medications, IV pushes like protonix and do anything with PICC's or Central lines but flush them.  I believe this to be silly, I can flush piccs and central lines but not IV pushes(narcs or others). It would help the RNS by not having to give our narcotics which is mostly what they do when covering me, and quite frankly if they don't trust me giving them then why am I working there.  I also feel that the gap between the pay scales seems to widening all the time.  Just one more thing and then I will get off of my soap box.  I would really appreciate it if RNs would stop thinking that just because I am a LPN that I don't know as much as them even when some of them are new grads.  I'm sorry to unload like this here, but I have been a LPN for eight years and this has helped me let off some steam.
  •  12-21-2007, 12:45 PM

    Re: RE:Nursing shortage

    I sure wish that Florida was as progressive as California. I would love to challenge the Rn boards. But alas, we are "not in the loop". However, work is getting harder to come by for LPN's  - at least in NE Florida, where I am located. Thus is the worst it has been in over 3o years of my nursing career..
  •  01-07-2008, 7:10 PM

    Re: Future for LPNs

    There is a lot of truth to the Magna stuff. I know because it has happened to the hospital I work in. I've been an LVN for 20 years. JCAHO came here June of 2006. The Hospital is going Magna. The TP's here were given a raise last month, but the LVN's were passed over again.

    Thats 3 years in a row now. Yes I am currently enrolled in the LVN to BSN program at National Universtey. Do you think I'll work at this hospital when Iam a RN BSN. Your right I'll move somewhere else where I am appreciated. Yes your damn right I'll will always give the LPN-LVN a great deal of respect. Because we are the backbone of nursing and always will be. LVN-LPN will survive and teach the RN's some things. I do run circle's around alot the new grades.

  •  01-25-2008, 3:11 PM

    Re: Future for LPNs

    I think the future holds much promise for any nurse, Registered Professional or Licensed Practical.  We are all nurses.  I think the scope of practice will change because economics will help dictate the future.  It is hard to predict the future, but we all need to save money.  LPNs can legally administer medication.  ULPs are being used less (like med techs) because it is not there purpose to administer medication.  I don't feel comfortable having one administer under my license and I wasn't even given the option.  RNs know that we (LPNs) are responsible as well as they are.  LPNs have their own license to worry about.  We don't need to worry about a med tech (CNA) doing our jobs.  I like my repsonsibilities.  I am willing to do more because of my work ethic and my team mindedness.  I know I could make a lot more money if I became and RN.  Perhaps one day I will, but for now I am happy doing what I am doing.  I hope the rest of you feel the same way.
  •  02-16-2008, 10:48 AM

    Re: RE:RE:RE:Nursing shortage

    I just had to respond to this! I have been a lpn 10 years this august and I totally agree that we should be able to challenge the state boards! I live in north carolina and the local hospitals will not hire LPNs any more and they are soooo! short nurses. I work in long term care and the company that I work is trying to replace us with Med Techs because they say that any one can be trained to give meds and perform treatments with just one nurse( RN of course) supervising. I think this is an outrage! All the companies worry about now is MONEY! not patient care.
  •  02-18-2008, 12:11 AM

    Re: RE:Nursing shortage

    I have been an LPN for many years and due to circumstances that have taken place in my life I have been unable to complete my RN training. I'm hoping that the folks in Albany will allow the LPN'S that have the experience to challenge the RN boards soon.

                                                       Thank You.

  •  02-28-2008, 1:45 AM

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    Re: RE:Nursing shortage

    In Des Moines,Iowa we too are feeling the nursing shortage. I work in a Family Practice Residency Program run my the "County  Hospital". So I guess I have both worlds in-pt and outpatient exposure. We in clinics work with Certified Medical Assistants. they go to school for a 15months or so and learn a little about a lot of stuff . They can work in offices give injections and do billing kinda stuff. With the nursing shortage they have replaced LPN/ RN in clinic settings. In pt side they are using LPN on the floor right along with the RN,s. We can go get IV certified  and that has helped our security, at least I think. For the future, I am not sure either, I have been doing this since 1985. ( I went to ALbany- Votec).

    Have a great night, Suzanne 

  •  03-01-2008, 3:41 PM

    Re: RE:RE:RE:Nursing shortage

    I have seen first hand with my mom in an assited living facility that she was paying good money to be there, cna's giving meds at the wrong  time and not knowing enough about patients meds to be a med aid.

    I have been a nurse for over 25 years and the discrimmination against us has been amazing.  There was only one job that I had that I was allowed to work in my comfort zone, but then things changed and Lpn's were downgraded as if we were the same as the CNA being hired.

    We all planned to go back to school, but life happens we have mortgages and kids and there is never time for us to continue with our education, why can't we somehow parla all of our yours experience into some managable way to be able to take board with some limited couses designed especially for Lpn's who have been in the field.  It may be too late for me cause I havent been in the critcial care environment like many other nuses, but with the defininete need for more nurse, why can't something be looked at?

  •  03-11-2008, 10:51 AM

    Re: Future for LPNs

    I have been a LPN for over 29yrs and now at age 50 i am told by my DON to make plans to go back to college for my RN degree because plans are being made to get rid of the use of LPNs and hire RNs only--and associate degree RNs will be doing what we now do--so many RNs are going back as well because most RNs do not want to do what we do..and a lot of facilities are seeking nurses who can speak spanish over those who can not so it is to our advantage to take a spanish class as well as computer classes if we lack computer knowledge because most hospital and home health care jobs does and will reguire charting with use of computers rather than the old paper methods.

  •  03-13-2008, 2:38 AM

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    Re: RE:Nursing shortage

     This too is a very late response however I absolutely agree with what you said....I have been an Lpn charge nurse in skilled care for a little over a year and have trained several Rn's who have been nurse's for years, there just clueless, I mean sure they may can write a beautiful careplan but if you cant get that Iv down the hall to run whats the use?? Anyway I dont think Lpn's will ever phase many RN's are really going to work those nursing homes?? 30 plus patients a will never happen.


  •  03-15-2008, 1:37 PM

    Re: Future for LPNs

    In hospitals I've worked in there are only a couple of things that RNs can do that LPNs can't, like certain IV pushes and the original care plan when someone comes into a hospital. Of course other places there is a big difference. I don't know how much wider the scope can get!
  •  03-18-2008, 3:04 PM

    Re: Future for LPNs

    I have been an LPN for over 25 years, and yes the Rn's don't like us telling then what to do, except for the ones who just came out of school, then after they know it all ........................they forget, who showed them the  way. 

    We all need to do something..............yes I do admit that there are times when LPNs can't replace Rn's, but with the CNT out there why are we with the license being treated as yesterday day old bread.

    As a group we all need to find a way to make our voices heard.  We have so much to offer and its a shame that experience doesn't count for much anymore in our line of work.

    I will try to write the some of the Washington people, but the sad fact is that until the crisis becomes more of a crisis we will be over looked until its time for us to bale them out.


  •  03-21-2008, 3:28 PM

    Re: Future for LPNs

    I totally agree!!  I am a School Nurse at a Middle School.  I have been there for four years.  I am told by certain people that I am not considered a School Nurse, because I am not an RN.  I am considered a Nurse that works in a school.  I was even denied the opportunity to partcipate in a conference that had to do with emergencies in a school setting, because there were only a limited amount of spaces.  They would only allow RN's to go, because they are the only ones that they consider a School Nurse.  I am tired of being told that because I am an LPN that I am not good, or capable enough!  I am also tired of RN's that think they are so much better.  There are some who know our capabilities, but some that refuse to see them.  I truely believe that it is not all about your credentials, but it is about the good nursing care that we provide to our patients. 
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