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Causes of Stress

Last post 12-11-2018, 9:10 PM by Nautiyal g. 33 replies.
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  •  02-24-2017, 2:10 AM

    Re: Causes of Stress

    I tend to feel stress when I have to cope with a huge workload. So how about you all? What do you do when you are stress? 
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  •  11-12-2018, 1:25 AM

    Re: Causes of Stress

    we have many causes of stress but who doing the job, they have more than stress from a normal men or woman so when we fell stressed out so we have to cool down our mind HealthMug is doing really job in this they are provide many ayurveda and homeopathy medicines for lose the strees go and check out them 
  •  11-27-2018, 10:00 AM

    Re: Causes of Stress

  •  12-11-2018, 9:10 PM

    Re: Causes of Stress

    It can result from external factors (e.g., events, situations, environment) or internal factors (e.g., expectations, attitudes, feelings). Common causes for stress (called stressors) include physical causes, such as illness or injury, and mental (psychological) causes, such as anxiety or fear.

    Examples of life stresses are:
    • The death of a loved one.
    • Divorce.
    • Loss of a job.
    • Increase in financial obligations.
    • Getting married.
    • Moving to a new home.
    • Chronic illness or injury.
    • Emotional problems (depressionanxiety, anger, grief, guilt, low self-esteem)


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