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LPN to RN Distance Learning Programs

Last post 03-27-2009, 5:03 AM by Caren Woods. 5 replies.
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  •  08-01-2008, 8:45 AM

    LPN to RN Distance Learning Programs

    At a time when long term care faces significant problems attracting and retaining nurses and the Institute of Medicine's ad hoc Committee on the Future Health Care Workforce for Older Americans has identified the severe shortage of workers to care for the aging population and recommended that we explore increased ways to recruit and retain people into this workforce, it seems counterproductive to oppose programs that assist in upgrading LPNs to RNs.  Most LPNs have realistic insight into what nursing is all about and have long been an important component of the health care workforce.  Does it not make sense to build on this foundation & facilitate their ability to climb the career ladder rather than look for solutions to the nursing crisis elsewhere?

    Efficient, affordable means for nurses to advance their educational preparation are desperately needed. It is unrealistic to expect nurses (most of whom have significant family responsibilities in addition to their need to work) to attend traditional classes on a campus.  There must be efforts to address the needs of employed nurses, using the technology and resources of the 21st century; distance learning programs are one such approach. 

    If the opposition to distance programs rests with concerns about the quality of the education they offer, let's work with these programs to improve their offerings rather than totally reject them. And let's trust that an employer will assure a nurse is qualified to handle the job by looking at competencies and attributes, and not just the school from which a degree was obtained.

    LPNs are an extremely important component of the long term care workforce and helping them to advance their education with programs that are affordable, accessible, and achievable within the realities of a busy adult's lifestyle would be one significant way to demonstrate that they are valued.

    Charlotte Eliopoulos, Executive Director

    American Association for Long Term Care Nursing,  

  •  08-07-2008, 7:53 PM

    Re: LPN to RN Distance Learning Programs

    Ms Eliopoulos,  people as yourself that promote LPNs  is a great benefit to the LPN's in the USA.  So many are biased and want rid of LPN's.  By striving to do whatever it takes to rid the nursing community of LPN's.

    Over the years I have met many nursing administrative  people that  have stereo typed LPN's in to the category of nothing but bedpan toting, and many have this  state of mind because they told that idea or was offended by an LPN at one time for doing a better job and  was commended over the now they have the power to destroy and they stay in that mode.  Or as many RN superiors, have no knowledge of LPN education, LPN skills, etc.  I met many staff developers that admit well I just don't know what the LPN can do......

    You take all the many nursing organizations that ban LPN's from joining.  This to me seems the most selfish, immature behavior  a group could project.

    One is shows lack of intelligance, as more members bring more monetarial input, increase your organization  population,  provides educational resourses to more, gives more  nurses a chance to become certified, which is benefits  not only the nurse, but the patient, the facility.  but they just keep slamming that door shut. wouldn't want an LPN to get a higher score than an RN.....

     As for distance education,  personally  I feel it takes a great deal of discipline, to easy to say."I can do that later".

    I feel the best action any state could do for LPN's is  offer a  LPN to RN  certificate program.....say attend  2 -8 hour classes per week for  6-12 months, which work incorporate all the classes  to be an RN, after passing a final, be able to take the boards.

    Benefits of this plan:  less cost-(if employed tuition reimburse)-----most all have 2 days off a week, or have a schedule that could comply to 2 days off, without jeopardizing  the income, family needs etc. Incorportate needed course as A&P, micro, along with med math, and clinical class, 4 hours of clinical class along with employment.  I feel this plan would so benefit so many.  And of someone wanted the degree, they could later do distance study or go back to traditional classroom.

    And why no one out ther with all their MSN's and PhD's in nursing have not thought of this for LPN's I have no idea......I totally believe it would work...The stae of Florida allowed Paramedics to become RN's in  year program designed for them.  I know this because I worked with one.  So why not LPN's......For the chuckle of the day.that paramedic only went to nursing school to meet women, and his fire dept paid for it......and totally  will not do anything direct patient care related.

    Once again I applaud your appreciation toward LPN's!

    Debie RIley,LPN, Florida



  •  08-11-2008, 7:16 PM

    Re: LPN to RN Distance Learning Programs

    lpns have not had the RN schooling and training. Lpns need to go back to school and take the RN programs and challenge the courses.Lpns are Lpns not Rns
  •  10-02-2008, 9:55 AM

    Re: LPN to RN Distance Learning Programs

    There is a program in which you can go for one year. Depends the college you go is online o classes once to twice a week with another day for clinicals. Is the same program EMT's, RT  Firefighters can take. You need pre reqs, which I considered extremely important, all need them. But the program is only one year. You should get more information.




  •  03-24-2009, 1:06 PM

    Re: LPN to RN Distance Learning Programs

    Is this the same Debie Riley from Tampa?
  •  03-27-2009, 5:03 AM

    Re: LPN to RN Distance Learning Programs

    True lpns are lpns and rns are rns, but there has been many a time where I have seen and known lpns doing the same things as rns but less pay. As a matter of fact, I have seen lpns TRAIN rns, only for the rn to turn around and be over them. Go figure !! That is why a lot of them get sick of it and go back to school.