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Re: New Student in HIM

  •  06-01-2018, 6:48 PM

    Re: New Student in HIM

    I attended a SFHIMA meeting on May 19th, and I met many coders who worked from home. One of the guest speakers was a CDI Specialist in the VA and was also a part time remote outpatient coder for Mount Sinai. I also have a friend who works for Care Cloud and she also has the opportunity to work from home. It is definitely becoming a trend to work remotely as it benefits employees as well as employers and health facilities. I have seen many remote coding job opportunities in different job board websites but these opportunities are mostly for people with 3 or more years of coding experience. For individuals with less experience such as myself (I will graduate with my HIT AAS in August), my understanding is we have to first acquire experience under supervision and in the future we may get the opportunity to work from home. 


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