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Real Positive Thought

  •  08-24-2018, 3:47 AM

    Real Positive Thought

    5 month ago I was doing job in a hospital, one my senior member is really serious, polite, reliable, idea and right person. Everyone staff member is respect to him. He don't do wrong for everyone, although other members are do wrong with him.

    When I join the job, First I meet with him, Now we are best friend and we discussion about every little problem like financial, and home problem. But Some office staff member don't like my friends. Because he is also a senior. Our Staff members are divided in 2 team, Some members are in our team and some other.

    When Our main doctor he is owner tell any work, So Our opposite team always get punished. Because they do always wrong without any thinking. 

    But My friend always do right he always know how to understand your though, feeling, info to listeners. His Empath is really good, He know who are doing good or bad. 

    I respect this men, Now we are best friends.
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