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General disscussion

  •  03-09-2019, 1:33 AM

    General disscussion

    1)      Can newly established online education system can beat the old typical schooling system?
    Internet finally proves itself to be the great source of learning other than the source of availing assistance in the form of assignment writing services and maths’ problems’ answer!
    Internet is the pool of books. It is the ocean of lectures on different of different subjects. That’s the reason why online education and schooling is going up nowadays. And that’s the reason why the trend of home-schooling is increasing nowadays!
    But the question is that online schooling can beat typical schooling system?
    To find out an answer of this question, there is dire need to find the plus and minus points of both systems.
    Typical education system bring different kind of children on one platform, due to which it builds unity among children and make them empathetic. On the other hand, online schooling is unable to build such society like bonding among kids. If we talk about studying pattern, then typical or physically-able-to-see schools are unable to cultivate the real talents of children because all of them are taught in the same manner. Yet, online schooling wins the battle here, because each and every kid has variety to choose the subject and teacher. In other he or she has space. Thus both systems have their plus and minus points. Therefore, none of them can be afforded to eradicate. Both systems are needed to make children socially acceptable.

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