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Three things to remember when creating a Wikipedia page

  •  07-12-2019, 8:15 PM

    Three things to remember when creating a Wikipedia page

    Wikipedia is one of the best tools used to market a business. One of the reason for this is because Wikipedia holds a significant real estate on the search engines. Creating a Wikipedia page will not only add value to your business, but it can increase your website traffic. There are many Wikipedia experts to help you create a well-researched page. But it is no lie that a single misstep can lead your business to a pitfall. Here are a few things you need to remember before you write your Wikipedia page.

    ·         Follow the guidelines: Wikipedia has strict guidelines which a writer needs to follow to get the page published on the site. Wikipedia does not allow promotional content which means researching for information and sources in vital.

    ·         Wikipedia can hurt your business: Wikipedia is an encyclopedia that has a user-edit nature. This is one of the facts which lead Wikipedia to its pitfalls. One misinformation or edit made in the information can have a serious drawback for your business.

    ·         Meeting the formatting guidelines: the information written on Wikipedia is written in a chronological manner. It makes it easier for the readers to find related information on the platform.

    Do you think it is necessary to follow the guidelines to write a Wikipedia page?


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