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Re: RE:Has everyone heard of Medication Aides?

  •  01-08-2008, 9:55 AM

    Re: RE:Has everyone heard of Medication Aides?


    I am/was a certified Medication Aide and I take/took great pride in the work that I did. Why would some one hate a "medication aide?" We are all there for the greater purpose and bigger picture...patient care. So is it that you "hate the job and its scope of practice or do you hate the people that work in that capacity?" And for you to "hate" anything says alot about your character or lack there of. Your actions towards the "med. aides" speaks volumns about your condition of heart and respect for the work of others.

    I pray that your hep-c treatments are working...  

    You may be one of the "good ones" who take pride in their work and if you don't know something, you ask.  Good med aides read and keep up and add to the knowledge they already have.  Some are proud of their position and really do strive for perfection.  Others, well, I have found pills floating in a residents toilet- I dug alittle deeper and found out my 2nd floor med tech and my 3rd floor med tech were "racing" to see who could get done first...OMG.  The one med tech in question took NO SUGGESTIONS and if you caught her in a mistake or tried to correct her in a professional and diplomatic way she would GO OFF...frequently tooting her own horn and a few residents told me they were scared of her.  Thats just sad.

    "Do what you like. Like what you do"
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