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Re: Has everyone heard of Medication Aides?

  •  02-03-2008, 5:59 PM

    Re: Has everyone heard of Medication Aides?

    We have med aides here in Maryland in the Assisted living facilities.  For awhile they had a few in NH but guess it wasn't working out because now I notice its all LPNs in Nh passing meds.  My dad is in Nh now so I feel so much better that a licensed person is passing meds.

    I am a nurse- graduated 21 yrs ago.  I still look meds up too.  I have a few nightmare experiences w/ assisted living medication aides- when

    I first worked in an asst living, which was enough of a change from home health and nursing homes for me as it was.  Then the med aides...the CNA (nursing assistants) they "promoted" to medication aides on my shift was a bad choice to begin with.  The pay was so low (and a really swank facility) no med aides already certified would apply for the positions.  So they recruited from within.  IN MY EXPERIENCE:

    The med aides got a certain attitude over the rest of the aides, which was the first problem.  They suddenly thought they didn't have to take a team or help bring people down to dinner, answer call lights, none of the usual stuff.  I was spending 5 hrs a week just sitting and filling insulin syringes for all the diabetics.  I used to have blisters on my thumb and 3rd finger from filling them.  Then the aides would get the worng syringe from the fridge, or forget to sign a syringe out so we didn't know if someone got their insulin or not (they remembered to sign the book!) They would pass all thier meds then sit down and initial all their MARs at the end of the niht.  I told them you need to initial the meds as you pass them, not at the end of the night.  I found pills floating in toilets a few times- med aides not giving them to difficult or time-consuming patients.  Then they decided the aides could write up the MARs for monthly change-over.  What a nightmare that was.   Two of the worst ones came in 3 nights in a row and worked 11-7 to do them.  Word came down to me that they spent 1/2 the nights sleeping, watching tv or just fooling around.  The MARs were hideous and I had to get the pharmacy to send all new ones and had to stay after my 3-11 shift many nights to do them ALL over & get then done in time. I was the only nurse 3-11 for 78 patients.  We had aides when they all decided to sahow up for work, and 2 of those were med aides.  We even had an aide who was very sweet and always showed up for her shift but beleive me I am being kind when I say she was somewhat of a "slow normal".  Darned if they weren't putting her in the next med tech training class when I resigned (not because of her).  Unbeleivable.  I am now semi-retired and have my own home health company.  so much less stress!!!!!!!!!!- teri

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