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Re: End Stage conditions in the SNF setting

  •  03-02-2008, 10:45 PM

    Re: End Stage conditions in the SNF setting

    I would agree that sometimes there is borderline Medicare abuse for residents who have no functional outcome. I do look at other issues if I do a screening on them, and am sure you do this also. I check for positioning and comfort, especially if there are concerns for skin breakdown. I may need to address contracture management, etc. Sometimes I will pick them up for a restorative program to address ROM and simple adl's that the facility could address. But, as you say, sometimes there simply are no issues and I just document this. If the rehab company wants to make an issue out of it, (if you are a contract co. in a facility), make it clear that it is your licensure that is in jeopardy, and that as a gatekeeper for Medicare you are responsible for the level of care provided.

    Good luck here,


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