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Re: OT vs. PT issues

  •  03-02-2008, 11:00 PM

    Re: OT vs. PT issues

    Yes, I think we have all worked with PT's like that, and now that the APTA has written 'functional' into their frame of reference it does make it harder to differentiate the goals to work on. At the core of both philosophies though, is the fact that PT needs to get the patient stronger and more mobile so that the OT can make them more functional and independent. Conversely, I do not like to see OTs just doing UE reps with a resident, to me that is not function. If the PT wants to do that with the UE, I am fine with that. I would rather have them use their gross motor and fine motor skills for something that has intrinsic value for them.

     Sometimes it just comes down to egos though, and is less about theory and more about 'capturing minutes'.


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