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Re: Acute Care Overload...some thoughts

  •  04-01-2008, 12:50 PM

    Re: Acute Care Overload...some thoughts

    I usually write a goal for pt education and this tx goal can begin during the eval. Handouts can be used with the clients, so that even if there are no further treatment sessions, it can be documented that tx intervention was initiated. And in my eval summary I usually put goals pending LOS. So that should the pt be d/c'd before further treatment, then this is acknowledged as to why the POC was not finished for stated goals. Sometimes I state 'STG=LTG', so that if there are only a few issues to address, then I am not worrying about what gets done and when.

     It is frustrating as to quality of care issues, and the effectiveness of therapy with very short LOS. That is why pt/cg education is so important. At least the pt and the family have some written material to review. Things such as home safety, body mechanics, what not to do or how to do - after a hip relplacement, understanding dementia, etc.

    Tim Mancino, OTR/L


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