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Re: Has everyone heard of Medication Aides?

  •  12-14-2008, 3:19 PM

    Re: Has everyone heard of Medication Aides?

    I am an LPN since 1965 !!!! During my younger yrs. of nursing, there was no such person working in the medical field as a " med. tech" and I to was given the impression that the LPN would be phrased out of the medical field. More recently I have been living in FL for 9 years and have worked as a visiting nurse of the home health field. My first encounter of a Med. Tech was on a visit to a pt. living in an ALF. What a surprise to find that she was handing meds to the residents and she had minimal instructions. SCARY to say the least. When company/business and MD offices hire Med. Techs. for minimal wages, the need for LPN's will be pushed aside. When we, LPN's, no longer have a united voice then that is when we will be phased out of the medical field. That will surely be a sad day for all people.


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