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Re: Advice for new LPN

  •  05-08-2009, 2:40 AM

    Re: Advice for new LPN

    I am a new LVN in Yuba City, CA. I work part time in Med Surg in a small Hospital of the area.

    I am studying to be an RN. They are 14 prerequisites before the one year step up program and it is a full investment.

    I would suggest Elena Rita that you relax and continue on the RN program because you will give care on the higher level, you will improve your income and have more opportunities to find the right job for you.

    Every Nurse made mistakes when they start and even after. Our job needs a very precise understanding of what is going on with a Pt, his Lab, diagnostic, prescribed Meds etc.. The approach must be systemic.

     Now, regarding the "U" for unit abbreviation, it should not be. It has been removed from the abbreviations due to many mistakes of interpretation. When you doubt about something, ASK, it does not matter if we sound inexperienced. The main think is to be SAFE.

     RN are very needed in this society. Courage! Continue to the end. Experience plays in our favor. We are useful to the world and it is a good feeling of accomplishment.



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