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Billing help PT followed up by OT

  •  01-05-2012, 2:58 PM

    Billing help PT followed up by OT

    In our practice, it is common for patients to be separately treated by both PT and OT professionals (not at the same time). We bill based upon the total time provided to the patient. So, if using timed codes, say 97110, PT provides 29 minutes and OT provides 23 minutes, we bill 3 units total; 2 for PT and 1 for OT. Some of the therapists think we should be billing each discipline separately, so that same patient would be billed 2 units for PT and 2 units for OT. I searched CMS and our fiscal intermediary and even tried Googling this, but cannot find a definitive answer. Can someone tell me where I can find an answer?

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