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Medicare as a second payer question

  •  12-06-2012, 9:16 PM

    Medicare as a second payer question

    Hello everyone,

    I am taking my Health Insurance class and am confused on how to fill in the CMS1500 form.

    The case study for homework (due Monday) has Metlife with Medicare as secondary Insurance. The instuctions to follow for primary (commercial) insurance states to fill in the box 9-9d. with the secondary insurance information and add "yes" to the 11d box. The instructions for Medicare as secondary payer states not to fill in boxes 9-9d and enter "no" to box 11d.   There is probably a simple solution to this, maybe I have just been looking at it too long.  

    The only thing these 2 instructions agree on is to check Medicare and Other in box 1.

    If anyone can give advise that would be wonderful!


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