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Re: what are your thoughts on an online DOT??

  •  10-17-2014, 3:43 AM

    Re: what are your thoughts on an online DOT??

    In my opinion,on-line DOTS is a short course named as ‘directly observed treatment’. It is given to the tuberculousis control strategy introduced by the “world health organization”. According to WHO. The most cost- effective way to stop the outspread of TB. DOTS is the best curative method for TB and it has main five components are:

    ·         A regular and uninterrupted drug supply.

    ·         Government commitment

    ·         Standardized treatment regimen directly of six to eight months observed by a healthcare community at least the first 2 months.

    ·         A standardized reporting and recording system that enables assessment of treatment results.

    ·         Sputum smear microscopy is used for case detection.

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