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Looking for Preceptors in AZ area

  •  04-15-2016, 7:55 PM

    Looking for Preceptors in AZ area


     I'm a FNP student and secured my first clinical preceptor for the summer with a great NP but am having trouble finding preceptors for OBGYN and Peds. I've tried networking through linkedin with my alma maters and connecting with random NPs with little success (although this is how I found my first preceptor). I've also stopped by and called several practices but not having a lot of luck. I've also looked on the ENP network for preceptors but there isn't a lot of preceptors on there. I've wondered about different matching services like rotation or clinical match but am kind of nervous to use them.

    I go to The George Washington University, which is physically in DC but I can do clinicals anywhere and I live here in Phoenix, AZ. Would appreciate advice or any leads.

    Feel free to email me at 

    Thank you!


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