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Need your help!

Last post 09-13-2007, 2:24 AM by inbalamovs. 2 replies.
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  •  11-17-2006, 2:45 AM

    Need your help!

    I have a patient with cognitive and sensory impairments that keeps burning his fingers when he smokes. I have tried cigarette holders but he still holds onto the end until he burns his fingers. All of the fire retardent gloves I have seen are bulky and expensive. If he wears golves I'm afraid he will drop the cigarette on his lap. He will not stop smoking and he makes everyones life miserable at the nursing home if he can't smoke.  He is 'supposed' to be supervised by an aide.

    Any suggestions?

  •  05-30-2007, 12:16 PM

    RE:Need your help!

    Buy him a corn cob pipe from CVS pharmacy for about $5.00. That way he gets his nicotine and smoking ritual, but won't burn his fingers. Or buy him a fancy 'roach' clip, you can find them in 'novelty' smoking shops, you know hippie head shops.


  •  09-13-2007, 2:24 AM

    RE:Need your help!

    I am a graduate student from NYIT and I am completing my last semester. I know you have posted this a while ago but I hope you still find these suggestions help full in some way. I have a few family members that smoke and my dad is in remission from cancer. During his chem o therapy he was diagnosed with severe neuropathology. I think about this type of issue allot b/c he has very little sensation in all his limbs causing him to burn his hands. This is an issue we deal with at home often. I thought maybe if you have tried cigarette holders (which have worked wonders for my family . There are several types all sizes and shapes. if this is definitely a no, how about setting a timer on how long he can smoke for. For example set the clock to three minutes and when the three minutes are up he must throw the cigarette out no matter if he finished or not. You can time him at least a few times to get an idea of how long it takes him to finish his cigarette and then estimate ho long you should set the timer for. this will allow him to set limitations and boundaries. I have created some fantastic cigarette holders (out of metal and other maternal) myself and they are outstanding and trendy maybe i can show you through email a picture of the ones I created and i think they might be of some help. this one in particular is really fool proof. It is very hard to burn your fingers with it. Its really long and it twirls so that you can not touch the end of the cigarette. I hope this can help you in some way and if you need additional info please feel free to email me.