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A matter of perception

Last post 10-02-2007, 6:18 PM by A.R.Scherck. 2 replies.
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  •  05-15-2007, 3:27 PM

    A matter of perception

    I am working on a presentation on language for a recreational activity for persons with disabilities.  The benefits of this activity are often decsribed as such:

    Ø                  Improved balance, posture, motor and trunk control, alignment and coordination.

    Ø                  Increased muscle power

    Ø                  Relaxation of spastic muscles/facilitation of flaccid muscles 

    Ø                  Increased functional range of motion and muscular strength 

    Ø                  Improved posture, sitting and standing balance 

    Ø                  Improved gross and fine motor skills 

    Ø                  Improved coordination and normalized muscle tone 

    Ø                  Improved perceptual motor/sensory motor integration 

    Ø                  Improved cardiovascular function and stamina 

    Ø                  Improved hand-eye coordination, speech, endurance and listening skills.

    Ø                  Improved muscle relaxation and strength along with cardiovascular system gains.

    Ø                  Increased self-esteem and confidence results from accomplishing the challenging and enjoyable task of partnering

    Ø                  Communication and social skills are enhanced, with the opportunity for recreation and friendships.

    Ø                  An emotional bond is developed,  promoting trust, unconditional love, and responsibility.

    Ø                  Increased self-confidence through improved self-image

    Ø                  Improved learning, concentration, spatial awareness


    Please comment on the language used, the possible violation of state practice acts (if any), potential for healthcare or advertising fraud.  Thanks for any insights, comments or direction to further information.

  •  05-24-2007, 2:10 PM

    No ideas?

    I am wondering if this would fall under practicing without a liscense? 
  •  10-02-2007, 6:18 PM

    RE:No ideas?

    MESSAGE BY: Karma_anais
    I am wondering if this would fall under practicing without a liscense? 
    I guess I missed some important information, like what are the credentials of the person providing/facilitating this activity? This type of language generally belongs to therapy, including licensed recreational therapy. Without the proper credentials, it could be viewed as treating without a license. This activity certainly covers a LOT of treatment areas.
    A.R.Scherck, OTR-L
    Nae, OTR