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Personal Definition of Occupational Therapy

Last post 11-21-2007, 4:48 PM by noellot. 4 replies.
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  •  09-25-2007, 11:09 PM

    Personal Definition of Occupational Therapy


    I am a current OTA student at WTC, Lacrosse. We have an assignment to contact some professional OTs or OTAs and ask them for there personial definition of Occupational Therapy. So if anyone could help me out that would be great! you can reply here or e-mail me at


  •  10-23-2007, 4:06 PM

    Re: Personal Definition of Occupational Therapy


     I graduated from the WTC COTA program a few years ago.  Defining OT is tough compared to defining PT.  I work in nursing homes so I say that my job is to work with the resident to get them to the highest level of safety and independence possible in areas like feeding themselves,  getting washed up and dressed and anything else they might want to do.  depending on of they will stay at the nursing home or return home.

  •  10-27-2007, 7:18 PM

    Re: Personal Definition of Occupational Therapy

    The one that I like to use is:

    "Enhancing human task performance across the lifespan"

    Seeing that OTs work with peds, adults or geriatric populations, this simple phrase seems to show the holistic aspect of OT. Not just for physical disability, but helping people cope and adjust to life changes.

    As an OTA student, I would encourage you to spend some extracurrilcular time studying the mental health component of wellness, as many cotas simply do not have enough background in how functional task performance is important to mental health and how a person feels about themselves (self-esteem, personal causation, etc).

    Good luck with your schooling.

    Tim Mancino, OTR/L

  •  11-04-2007, 7:39 PM

    Re: Personal Definition of Occupational Therapy

    Hi Lauren, I think I defined that with my opinion on the forum postings under title "whats in a title".  Check it out!

  •  11-21-2007, 4:48 PM

    Re: Personal Definition of Occupational Therapy

    (IF) Anything and everything that you do with your time and energy that has either meaning and/or purpose in your life, is an occupation.


    (THEN) We (OT's) are available to work WITH you when your life has been in some way adversely affected, so that, when your abilities to engage in those meaningful/purposeful life tasks have been compromised, we assist you to plan and reach the goals you have in mind for yourself, to attain (or regain) your (highest, most functional) quality of life.