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Weekend Occupational Therapy Programs

Last post 11-21-2007, 7:15 PM by Patricia Koch. 2 replies.
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  •  11-21-2007, 4:49 PM

    Weekend Occupational Therapy Programs

    Hi--I've been a COTA for almost 2 years and I am returning to school next summer for my masters in OT. I will be attending the weekend program at the University of Findlay and was just wondering if anyone could share their experience with attending a weekend program. I am a little nervous about how I will manage a full time job and lots of homework. Fourtunately I am single and dont have children to care for. FIndlay will be a 2 1/2 hour drive as well. So if anyone has advice, words of wisdom, or even experience at the Findlay program--I would appreciate it!!


    Happy Turkey Day!


    Rachel Hubler, COTA/L

  •  11-21-2007, 6:34 PM

    Re: Weekend Occupational Therapy Programs

    You'll do fine. I attended College Misericordia's Weekend program 13 years ago. Worked full-time etc... all of my friends did the same thing. Quite a few had families also. Full day Sat. and Sun. but had 2 weeks in between to get the work done. Our class, together bonded very well and helped each other with study groups Fri. and Sat. night in the hotel rooms and with homework assignments etc...It was a great experience! Although, I didn't have a life until after graduation.  Let's hear it for MISERICORDIA'S WEEKEND COLLEGE CLASS of '94 !! Hip Hip Hooray. I know too corny, I'll shut up now. GOOD LUCK.

  •  11-21-2007, 7:15 PM

    Re: Weekend Occupational Therapy Programs

    I attended weekend college at Utica.  I was part of the very first weekend class to go through the program.  You must be disciplined to get class work completed as well as paperwork that is required from job.  I am very glad that I did it but I know that it was hard.  It seemed like I ate, slept, worked or studied every available minute and not playing took some joy away but it was well worth it. Hook up with classmates to share Hotel costs and they will become your lifeline to help provide support and encouragement.
    I still meet up with my weekend buddies to share laughs and memories.  Good Luck!