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Looking For Abdominal Supprt For a Bariatric Patient

Last post 10-18-2014, 8:44 AM by luke gill. 2 replies.
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  •  07-09-2008, 9:58 PM

    Looking For Abdominal Supprt For a Bariatric Patient


         A resident I'm working with states that she used to weigh ~350 lbs. She now appears to be ~ 200 lbs or more.  With all that weight loss, her abdomen hangs down horribly, and needless to say, it interferes with ADL, transfers and bed mobility.  When she is in bed, I provide a pillow just to support her belly, which gravity pulls around her side.

       I mentioned to this resident that she might need some support for comfort and increased functional performance.  She said that she tried a kind of girdle or elastic something or other, but that her belly just dropped right out of it.  Then she told me that she had also tried tying a sheet around herself (with assistance, of course), and that seemed to work. However, I got this image of a sumo wrestler and wondered whether her appearance in the rehab gym wouldn't be some cause for discomfort for the other patients.

        So.  I've got a situation here.  Any suggestions?  Any catalog companies that might be able to meet this need?  I figure that with the growing bariatric population in LTC facilities, there must be one out there that doesn't just include durable medical equipment.

        Thanks so much.
































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    Re: Looking For Abdominal Supprt For a Bariatric Patient

    WOW!  2008 and NO replies!  This is an important issue.  My current patient cannot manage her peri-care due to overhanging loose skin.  Can we find a solution?

  •  10-18-2014, 8:44 AM

    Re: Looking For Abdominal Supprt For a Bariatric Patient