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New Lpn to BSN - distance learning

Last post 02-01-2009, 6:31 PM by Kim Kelley. 35 replies.
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  •  06-13-2004, 1:10 AM

    New Lpn to BSN - distance learning


    I found out about a new Lpn to Bsn program. I've always wanted to go back to school but time always seemed to stand against me. I wanted to do Excelsior but the great state of Illinois that I live in does not recognize the degree from Excelsior because of lack of clinical time.

    Indiana State University  has a LPN- BSN program that allows us nurses to complete our clinicals in our hometowns!!!!

    Here is the web address:

    I've pasted what it says on the website below: LPN/LVN to BSN Program
    This new degree is the only completely distance-based RN training program in the country! LPN and LVN nurses can earn their BSN degree without ever stepping foot in a classroom. Graduates of the program are eligible to sit for the NCLEX examination. The degree includes a total of 124 semester hours. All general education courses can be completed through a combination of transfer credits from accredited schools and test-out credits. Students prepare for these test-out examinations through The College Network's study guide program. Many students who enroll in the program qualify for an educational grant from the Distance Learning Association of up to $3,000. Clinical hours can be completed locally with a preceptor.



  •  06-22-2004, 1:37 AM

    LpntoBsn program!

    I've started a yahoo group. It's a group for those Lpn's enrolled in Indiana State University's Distance Learning Lpn to Bsn Program through the College Network!



  •  06-25-2004, 5:57 PM


    Have you done this? What did you think of it? How did you finance it?

    I have thought about going this route, but I am uncertain and the expense I'm not sure how I can manage it, if is to paid in one lump sum.

    Is it good in AZ?

    Thanks for any input you can offer.

  •  06-28-2004, 12:01 AM



    I would recommend contacting the College Network, Indiana State University or your local nursing board to see if it is accepted in your state. I am going to bet that it probably is since Illinois accepts it. Illinois is one of the toughest states for nurses. Illinois does not recognize Excelsior nursing degrees but it does recognize Indiana State!

    I am paying for my study guides monthly. Your payment will depend on how many previous college classes you have already taken.

    Good luck!


    P.S. I  forgot to add- my credit history is less than stellar but I was still able to be financed.
  •  07-10-2004, 3:06 AM


    Hi Sherry!  I signed up for the College Network.  I am not a good 'distance' studier, but as far as cost, I think I had about 11 subjects to take and my loan was for approx $5000, which was payed back at about $100/month.  Hope this helps.


  •  09-04-2004, 4:37 AM

    RE:New Lpn to BSN - distance learning

    Hi:  I'm from Centralia, Illinois, but now I live in North Carolina.  I too have faced the problem of making a decision whether or not to pursue the Rn program-distance learning;  I had thought about where would I work. I understand, that in Illinois one can only work in military instillation, or the Va hospitals.  I've lived most of my life in Illinois, and I moved here, because my son was stationed here. But I do make more here, than I would back in Illinois. I have not been back home since I moved, in 1998.  I'm so ectastic that opportunity has came about. The one company that I investigated has 'statistic,' in their curriculum. That's a little much. Does any one know what the going rate is for an Lpn salary?? I have a friend back in Centralia, and she works in the hospital, and she's been there for 26 hears, and she is making $12.46/hour. Just think, if I would have stayed there , I would be making that sum of money.  I make more than that now. Does any one know the names of the nurse agencies that everyone is working there??? Presently, I'm working as a care manager(casemanager) at an army instillation. Did you know that a Lpn can't be casemangers,life care planners?  The reason being that we have to be supervised!!!  Thanks, for the information on the Indiana School!! Looking forward to sharing information with you all.

  •  03-16-2005, 7:51 PM

    RE:New Lpn to BSN - distance learning

    Hi, everybody! I just recently attended a seminar from a rep. at the college network about the Lpn to BSN program. Initially, I was pretty hyped up about it, but after attending that session and thinking long and hard about it, I came so close to taking that route. Then I received yet ANOTHER postcard from Rue publishers, and decided to give them a call. I'M SO GLAD I DID Y'ALL! Yes, I am taking the other avenue and getting my RN first, but PLEASE....... whoever is interested in the Lpn to BSN program like I was should give these folks a call. To say the least, it was enlightening. My family is on a serious budget in our household, so the price was RIGHT ON, not only will they accept all of my prerequisites that I've earned so far over the years, BUT the amount of prerequisites that this company requires is only the BARE, ESSENTIAL AMOUNT needed for us to be effective and prepared RNs. Not including the classes I took already, the counselor at the college network mapped out what I needed and it came to approximately 15-plus courses and the total was about $20,000 dollars. If I ever decided to go on to earn my BSN down the line, I think I may shop around alittle more(Univ. Of Phoenix, etc.) None of us is looking to earn ANY degree with extreme ease(i.e., mininmal classes) BUT..just food for thought: there were about ten women in that seminar that evening, I WAS THE ONLY LPN THERE(AND PROUD OF IT, THAT'S RIGHT, THAT'S RIGHT :) ) the others were interested in obtaining their BSN degrees: ONLY ONE PERSON SIGNED ON THAT NIGHT. I thought that was something to consider. I believe that the exorbitant costs were a factor for these other women as well and they were already RNs! One woman there had her PHD, and they all had transcripts in hand like I did. BOTTOM LINE: I think it may be more cost effective to get the RN FIRST, and at least when the BSN is persued, whatever program is chosen can at least be financed with the help of an RN's salary. Just a thought, I hope my old input helps someone. Take care and God Bless you everybody!
  •  08-06-2005, 8:52 AM

    RE:RE:New Lpn to BSN - distance learning

    Dear innovative woman:  Hats off to you.  Now what is the address for Rue Publishing?  I maybe misunderstood your post but I understood you were going with Rue.  Share the info please.    Thanks
  •  12-15-2005, 10:27 PM

    RE:RE:RE:New Lpn to BSN - distance learning

    Remeber you must enroll after taking NC2 . You must be enrolled with excelsior collegee before taking NC3. Call EC and get ALL details Rue is a good PUBLISHER but it is not a school.
  •  01-04-2006, 2:08 AM

    RE:RE:New Lpn to BSN - distance learning

    I have noticed that most LPN Pay starts at about 12.00 an hour. Amazing that some of us older LPNs are NOW training the NEW RNs and still making less than half their pay, isn't it? As far as Distance learning IF it is an ON-Line I am willing to try it in fact have an interview set up with them already. Tried the RUE program and wasted my money and have already applied to take seating test at Local CC for ADN program. Will work both if possible at least this way I may be able to graduate with my ADN then get my BSN right behind it.
  •  01-04-2006, 2:12 AM

    RE:New Lpn to BSN - distance learning

    Thanks for the Info have an interview with them in a few days, I am hoping it is ALL on line tried the home study course and it did not work for me at least with an online you have a dead line and that way your pace can be a little more structured. I really am interested in the part about the Scholarships due to the fact that I am the only one working (husband is disabled) and trying to support a family on LPN pay is really tough. I really appreciate the input. God Bless you and thanks again!
  •  01-04-2006, 2:19 AM

    RE:RE:RE:New Lpn to BSN - distance learning

    you may want to rethinkl the Rue thing. UNLESS YOU ARE VERY MOTIVATED and can really(and I do mean REALLY!) Force yourself to sit down and devote your time you will be wasting your money. I have been trying to achieve my ADN thru Rue and they did not want to accept a lot of my credits then they wanted me to obtain other credits not mentioned before and then I HAD to schedule my own testing times at their site which were NOT convenient to my home town. I am now applying for a seat at the local CC and must test for this next month. I am NOT saying Rue isn't a good program BUT you must be very regimented in you time usage and studies.
  •  01-04-2006, 2:20 AM

    RE:RE:RE:RE:New Lpn to BSN - distance learning

    BRAVO!!! AND Excelsior will not accept a lot of RUES credits
  •  02-18-2006, 4:57 PM

    distance learning

    Tried Rue. I let everything else in my life become a priority. Later, I found out that Excelcior will give you the needed study guides when you take the classes...and you can arrange payments with their financial aid office. So... that makes Rue, the College Network, ect., a waste of money.
  •  12-28-2006, 5:46 PM

    RE:RE:distance learning

    Before you enroll in a distance learning program, keep in mind that there is lots more material (reading that is) involved that w/ traditional classroom classes.   Just an FYI.
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