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Has everyone heard of Medication Aides?

Last post 04-09-2009, 11:18 PM by Maura Flynn. 61 replies.
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  •  06-21-2004, 11:57 PM

    Has everyone heard of Medication Aides?

    Hello everyone! I am new to the profession. But I love it. Has everyone heard of the new medication aides? If you have, I want to know how you feel about there job description. If you have not heard about them, you had better do some research. It seem that in order to help with the nursing shortages especially in nursing home settings, unlicensed persons are being hired and minimumly trained to give medications to our patients. Some of these training sessions for medication aides consists of only 20-40 hours to become certified. If you ask me this is very scary. Even with the intense LPN education that I have, I still sometimes check and double-check before I give a medication to a patient. Can you imagine only having 20-40 hours worth of training and still giving medications. The real catch is that the licensed nurse over that unlicensed person is still responsible for that persons actions. If you ask me, this is why we spent so many hours studying ourselves to death to get our license. I don't want some unlicensed person coming to give my medications to my patients. How do you feel?

  •  06-25-2004, 5:51 PM

    medicine aids

    In the early 1980's.Nursing assistents in some states became certified and with the certification came extended roles: insertion of foley cath, wound care, trach care and medication administration. I worked in a nursinf home during that time and the aides that worked a particular unit were medicine aides.Pt. were able to come to the medication window and get their medications. The aide was responciable for the set up of meds and ditributed and charted them.She worked under a RN. Couple years later that state phased out med aids.The med aids I worked with went on to persue Rn or LPN licensure. In the later 80's other states used these med aides in home care situations, this is what I did for a while. Again they were phased out. Then in the 90's, med aids were hired at urgent cares as med techs. They called in perscriptions, filled them and distributed to patatients being seen in the urgent care supervised under the MD. I also did this for a while. I went on and got my LPN later. Another area where there is a threat of phasing out.I heard a rumor that some states and certain facilites are bringing them back. Just a rumor as far as I am aware.
  •  06-26-2004, 8:56 PM

    RE:Has everyone heard of Medication Aides?

    Medication aides are all over TX. I hate them. I use to make them mad by assigning pt. care and I gave out the meds. As for LPNs being phased out I was told the same thing 32 yrs. ago. My neice and daughter-in-law have both became RNs and where they work they have about 6 pts. and were stunned to find out they had to do everything because of the aides being phased out. Some hospitals have tried for years to phase out aides and LPNs. I am giving them about 6 months each before they quit and this why we will remain. I asked them what did they expect. Both thought it would be like where I have worked. A team leader with an aide. In a way I feel sorry for them and they are all ready getting a dose of reality. Nsg. will always be in a sad shape because nobody can agree on anything. I am glad I am out. Whether I get my disability or not I will never work again in nursing because where I did it so long I am paying the price. No job is worth getting Hepatitis C.
    The Cat
  •  10-21-2004, 9:49 PM

    RE:Has everyone heard of Medication Aides?

    This was a hot topic at a recent LPN conference I attended. It seems that there is some concern that these aides might be a threat to LPNs. Are medication aides a concern in your state?
  •  01-08-2005, 8:37 PM

    Medicine Aides

    Here in the state of Arizona, they are refered to as Med Techs. They are mainly contained to the Assisted Living area. As an LPN, I am frightened for the residents sake. The last two places I have worked have used them and I saw many near fatal errors. Both of these places gave less than 20 hrs of instructions. Just about anyone off the streets are given the med room key's. If it isn't errors we have to watch for than it's narcs that go missing. And nothing happens to them. We even had several techs that couldn't speak english, and let me tell you when I took over the position as Director, they were gone. No way can you give meds and not be able to read/write english. I did have a few good techs but for the most part I wouldn've wanted them giving me meds. So my thought is they need to go back to doing patient care and leave the meds to those of us who are trained

  •  03-15-2005, 8:00 PM

    RE:Has everyone heard of Medication Aides?

    Yes, I've heard of them, they have been around for some time. In nursing homes, and especially alot of these (cropping up everywhere like McDonald's franchises...)assissted living places they utilize them the upmost. It's just another example of these facilities(run by business people) AND physicians trying to get the most labor for the cheapest rates. I'm against this, not because I feel threatened in any way for my nursing position; but because I've seen these 'med-techs' make some pretty scary decisions/errors with these medications. It's just not enough to hold a certificate and put in the 'required amount of hours' of learning to pass meds. What kind of frame of mind are these med-techs in when doing their med passes? How deadly serious do they take the administration of such potentially lethal medications(depending on side effects, etc.), and so on, and on. As much as I value every darned last nurse in this country and the world(Lpn, Rn, doesn't matter...) truth be told....after working in the Md office 'scene' off and on durning my nursing career, I've come to see first hand that these doctors are business people first(despite their chosen profession)and if they had their way, and could get away with it, they would utilize these med-techs a whole lot more than just long-term care. PHASING OUT PROFESSIONAL NURSES..PERIOD. I'm not one to exaggarate, but overhearing some of their conversations over the years; it's been a real mind-blower to hear just how cut-throat alot(not all,,,,but enough to scare this nurse/lay-person)of these doctors are when it comes to the 'bottom line' i.e., MONEY. Even as frustrating/ aggravating as some of our watch-dog groups can be, at times(OSHA, JACHO, AND THE REST OF THE 'CREW')...I just thank God that these folks are in place, because if they weren't around to do these inspections, site facilities accordingly, pass out $$$$ fines etc.., these doctors would be getting away with LITERALLY.....MURDER. In the form of hiring undereducated, non-licsenced people to pass all kinds of meds/narcotics, do proceedures in the office/outpatient facilites that they are not even trained to do etc. By the way, this is happening now, even still. My advice to anyone working on the same shift as a med-tech would be to either change shifts or leave the faciltiy all together. My credo in today's world of nursing: If there is ANYTHING toxic(drug use, unethical practices of any kind, etc.) going on in your presence that you have tried to trouble-shoot and have gotten nowhere...GET THE HECK OUT OF THAT PLACE AS FAST AS YOU CAN. First and last rule of thumb, everybody....PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR PRECIOUS LICENSES.
  •  06-24-2005, 8:51 PM

    medication aides

    I've been a LPN for 3years and I still look up new medication and other medication that I'm not familar with. I'ts pretty scary to me to let medication aides pass out medication with only 20hrs or so of training. will these med techs know what adverse reactions to look for or will they  know that certain medcation may need to bloodpressure or pulse prior to administering. And as far as phasing out the LPN it's not going to happen. I've been employed on busy medicare unit for 8months . and we have alot of RN's that are leaving the hospital to come and work with us . I'm pround to be an LPN.

  •  06-25-2005, 10:30 PM

    Med Aides or Techs

      I work with them in an ALF setting & I am always horrified by the mistakes they make.  I have no supervision over then they are supervised by ST which number one I don't understand.  We have lost two very good RN's who could no longer put their liscense on the line because of their carlessness. 
  •  03-23-2006, 10:12 PM

    RE:Has everyone heard of Medication Aides?

    They are a danger to the patients and the staff. I have quit places because I refuse to work with them. Wrong meds, misdosing,  not knowing what medications are for, side effects and contraindications.--Not on my license.
    Lone LPN
  •  04-06-2006, 2:55 PM

    med aides

    I have worked with med aids but not because I wanted to!!  The facility I was working at had these 'helpers' for the LPN's. I did not know the scope of their responsibility at the beginning. When I did learn what they did and did not do, I was worried.  I was still responsible for my med pass but I was not doing the job. I talked to my DON and told her I wanted to do my own med pass but she said no.  Well after 3 weeks of watching and taking notes on my med aide, I quit. I could not work like this.  This was in Maryland, so I moved back to Ohio, and now I am being told that Ohio is going to use med aides. This is scary, not because I am afraid of losing my job (as an LPN) but because these med aides are not properly trained, 20-40 hours is not proper trainning.  I have been an LPN for 10 yrs and I am now in school (at 52 !!) to get my RN and hopefully be able to work to end this 'med aide' position. It is not safe for our patients it is not safe for my license.
  •  04-13-2006, 3:06 PM

    LPNS Must Stand Together!


    LPNs have earned the right and deserve to have their voices heard!  LPNs are essential to the medical profession.  LPNs have got to have their interests protected by having representation, when nursing organizations...legislators...the government...and health agencies are all making decisions that affect the LPN profession and future!!!

    This is where the National Federation of LPNs comes in!  The NFLPN watches your back! Everyone wants change, but are any of you members?  The NFLPN cannot support and protect LPNs without members!

    It is soooo important for LPNs to stand up and be counted! LPNs deal with discrimination daily and we do complain about this....but only to each other, and on bullentin boards like this!  Very , very few of stand up and do something about it!  That has to change!!!

    The NFLPN provides leadership, representation and guidance to our members.   IF you want respect, and to be treated something about it!

    Join the NFLPN - There are approximately 1.2 MILLION LPNs in this country....Just imagine the changes we could make by standing united and making certain your opinions are voiced loud and clear to the appropriate people!!

    LPNs RULE! 

    Call me at 1-800-691-7915 and join the effort!  Let's quit complaining and do something about it!!!! 

    Thanks, Melanie from the NFLPN

  •  05-22-2006, 3:55 PM

    RE:Has everyone heard of Medication Aides?

    If some get 20-40 hours that is an improvement as the ones that work with the special needs children here may get 2 hours and a video and a multiple choice test. It is very SCARY!!!, but untill someone is actually in harms way states will not sit up and take notice.
  •  05-27-2006, 7:08 PM

    Medication Aides

    In Indiana they're called 'QMA's' -- Qualified Medication Aides.  I've worked in nursing homes where a QMA is routinely subsituted for a LPN on the 11-7 shift.  One night when I was called to a unit where a QMA was working and a pt. needed to go to the hospital, I overheard the QMA tell a nurse's aide how stupid it was that she had to call an LPN over to the unit because 'QMA's can do anything a LPN can do, but they just won't let us because they don't want to pay us more money.'  Can you believe it?  Most of them would get mad if they were scheduled to work their shift as a nurse's assistant instead of passing meds.
  •  06-28-2006, 4:44 PM

    Medication aides?

    I am in Florida. Never heard of them, and I am glad. Looks like a scary business. I would not mind a tech applying barrier cream or other skin care to a patient for a dreesing change, but, I would freak out if they started passing meds on my patients, make a mistake, and let me have to deal with the consequence. They do not have a license to lose, I do.
  •  07-30-2006, 11:23 PM

    RE:medicine aids

    Some assisted living facilities use med techs.
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