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male catheter insertion

Last post 04-20-2018, 12:43 AM by Jessica Johansson. 5 replies.
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  •  04-14-2006, 12:47 PM

    male catheter insertion

    Is it possible to 'rupture a prostate' during the insertion of a catheter? I really need info and guidance from some nice nurses.
  •  04-21-2006, 3:59 PM

    male catheterization issue

    The main issue is male catheter insertion. Many skills books are wrong in their insertion technique. The catheter must be inserted to the hub, bifurcation of the catheter then balloon inflated. If no urine return when cath is at the hub, do not inflate, call dr. Now, if using old technique of  approx 7-9' til urine then advance alittle more then inflate balloon. This technique ruptures the urethra and can potentially put the pt into shock (this is how my father died!). Being an educator I researched the topic, found EBP article, SUNA guidelines, our nursing skills text was wrong. We have since changed our practice but need to get the word out regarding correct technique.

    Firouz, D, Krugman, M, Bahn, A, & Lee, R. (2002). Evidence-Based Multidisciplinary Practice: Improving the Safety & Standards of Male Bladder Catheterization. MEDSURG Nursing 11(5), 236-246.

  •  04-22-2006, 1:06 AM

    RE:male catheterization issue

    Thank you very much for the info..I plan to read the reference you cited.

    Thanks again.

  •  06-19-2006, 12:09 AM

    RE:male catheter insertion

    I don't believe you could rupture the prostate which is too dense. But you wouldn't want to traumaize it either. I worked at VA hospital. So, my tips are: pull the penis up, taut, and forward slightly. Use plenty of KY. If you meet resistance, rotate catheter between fingers. If no success, you can fill a 10cc with KY, hold to the urethra and insert, then try again. If no success I call the doctor.
  •  03-28-2018, 4:24 AM

    Re: male catheter insertion

    I worked at a hospital that males did male catheters, and I was one of a VERY few men on 3-11 shift. So some hints after THOUSANDS of insertions:

    As far as inhaling during insertion, I have them loudly exhale. That way they don't end up holding their breath and tightening up and causing pain.

    Even though you get urine flashback, continue to insert all the way to the y-port. You can then hold the penis and the y-port in one hand and inflate with the other. More importantly, going in as far as possible decreases the chance of inflating the balloon in the wrong spot (OUCH!!) Then, as you would with any insertion, gently pull back on the tubing until resistance is met.

    Slight resistance on insertion at the prostate is normal. Moderate either means he's bearing down or may have an enlarged prostate. Make sure he's not bearing down before continuing. Maximum resistance causing large amounts of pain usually means enlarged prostate.
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  •  04-20-2018, 12:43 AM

    Re: male catheter insertion

    Ok, Got It, Thanks for sharing the very informative information.
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