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Salary for new graduates?

Last post 04-26-2009, 2:27 AM by Nicholas Ehenemba. 6 replies.
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  •  04-01-2009, 12:16 PM

    Salary for new graduates?

    I'm in a Lpn program, and a lot of my peers are switching to an RN program. Are Lpn programs being fazed out? What can new Lpn graduates look forward  to in the job market, as well as salary these days? I hope I made the right decision w/ school? Now I'm unsure, any advice?
  •  04-01-2009, 5:47 PM

    Re: Salary for new graduates?

    For me the choice to become an LPN was the right one.  I recently graduated from an LPN program in January and I will began working as an LPN next week.  Starting salary for a new lpn grad is $16.50 with insurance and $18.50 without.  I look at it this way I can make more money working as an LPN and pursue my RN degree online while having more time for my daughter.  Before getting my lpn I spent a little over two yrs getting my associates and pre reqs for the RN program when I decided to go for my lpn.  At least this way I wont miss as much time with my family as I did this past year and I already have my pre's for the Rn program.  I say hang in there and like they say its different strokes for different folks.  Sometimes its meant to go straight for your RN and sometimes its meant to make a pit stop at lpn but only you can decide which is best for you.  So good luck with your decision.
  •  04-06-2009, 6:07 PM

    Re: Salary for new graduates?

    I am in a LPN program as well and will be graduating this June.  One hospital in the area has already discontinued hiring LPN's, but there are plenty of other places that we can be hired on as LPN's.  Numerous nursing homes, rehab centers, family health clinics, hospice, and dialysis centers and a few hospitals - Albany, NY area....salary ranges from low 13.00/hr to upwards 18.00/hr with benefits.  I wouldn't worry about the employment situation.  Work and Learn, and consider online courses for your RN if you desire, and if not, I think being an LPN is valuable and will always be valuable especially as time goes on and nurses become even more needed...unfortunetly that will also make us shorthanded on the job as well, but! there will always be shifts available to take on.


  •  04-18-2009, 6:38 PM

    Re: Salary for new graduates?


    I am also from South Jersey. I have been an LPN for the past 3 years. In our area, you can expect making anywhere from $14 to $26. While I was interviewing for jobs after graduation, I noticed private practices/doctor's offices paid the least (around $14-$17). Nursing homes pay anywhere from $18-$23. Hospitals pay around that same amount, possibly more. Voorhees Pediatrics starts new grads out at $26, however the job is very labor-intensive and can be heartbreaking at times. We had our pedriatic clinicals there so I spent a few weeks working there and was able to see what it was like hands-on.

    I was slightly discouraged when I first started applying for jobs and going on interviews because most facilities wanted nurses with experience. I started out working in a doctor's office but was able to get some experience under my belt which opened some other doors.

    Please continue with your LPN schooling! It's not a waste and we are not being fazed out. The big bonus to having your LPN is many facilities/hospitals in our area will pay for you to go back for your RN if you choose to do so.

    Good luck!


  •  04-18-2009, 9:31 PM

    Re: Salary for new graduates?

    Hi Lisa,

    I am a rookie nurse who graduated in Oct 08.  I now work full time M-F in a Critical Care Unit making $19/hr plus a shift differential of $3.50/hr because I work second shift.   I am getting the skills that I know I will need to go further.  I am now earning my RN and working in this environment is certainly helping me!  The pay is great and the job is rewarding!  Never in my life have I pulled in a $2,800 pay check for just two weeks of work!  I used to make half that in a MONTH!

     Don't give up out of fear of what will come.  Stick with it.  Its worth it!


  •  04-25-2009, 1:15 PM

    Re: Salary for new graduates?

    I appreciate everyone's helpful input. It's very informative, a lot to think about. It's hard because I still have young children who rely on me, and most programs are full-time. I still have a few sciences classes to take for the RN program, but don't know if I can commmit to two years full-time. I need to make money for my family though. I'm worried about the lack of job oppurtunities as an LPN. Still pondering about my nursing career. Thanks, again-Lisa Goodstein-

  •  04-26-2009, 2:27 AM

    Re: Salary for new graduates?

    New Grads LVN make like 23-25dollars here in ca. LVNS rae well utilised in the prisons, nursing homes , hospice , intermediate care facilities.. Jobs abound for the new grad ,, just a little patience.. U gat a license......