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School based PTA supervision

Last post 05-18-2010, 5:07 PM by Cathy Horowski. 0 replies.
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  •  05-18-2010, 5:07 PM

    School based PTA supervision

    I am a PT in Michigan working for a two county ISD serving 7 school districts. I have worked with a wonderful PTA for 8 years and have probably been too lax in recent years setting supervision standards (not much to go on under Michigan guidelines). My employer may be hiring a replacement PTA and I need to reconsider what that may mean in terms of supervision depending on experience, personality, and general skill. Is being in a different county from the PTA with spotty phone service enough supervision? If I take a sick or personal day out of the area, is that supervision? Should the PTA not be working when I am not available? Budgets are tight and I see the move to lower paid employees as the trend. I do not want to jeapordize my license or the well being of the students, but administration doesn't really see what the concern is.  Also, what about the 0-3 home visit population? I've always insisted that I personally work with those families, but that may come into question as well.

    If you are working for a school with PTs and PTAs, please comment on your comfort level and experiences with supervision.