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Building a Better Image

Last post 03-30-2006, 6:59 AM by takniteze. 2 replies.
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  •  11-27-2004, 5:22 PM

    Building a Better Image

    How can we as LPN's build a better image of our profession?? I hear a lot of negative things and a lot of complaining about how we are treated, and not given the recognition we deserve...but what are we doing to change this?? Are we continuing to support the image of the LPN who is a 'low paid nurse' or the 'let's play nurse'...I just saw on this website that they are laying off LPN's for Chrismas in Washington and in Michigan are relegating practical nurses to work as aides. Does this bother you?? It sure bothers me!

    I have some ideas...such as demanding that all nurses have to have CEU's completed prior to renewing their licenses(I know some states do this, mine doesn't)...I think yearly competencies should be mandatory in every facility and include not only unit specific skills, but pharmacology and med reviews and testing. I also feel you should be involved in some type of nursing organization or committee at work( I feel a sense of 'ownership' goes along with this)..maybe not necessarily a national one or state organization, but be involved at work ie: skin care committee, education committee, ect....(and do you have the time?? well no one really has it, but you have to work 8-12 hours a day anyway)

    I really feel as LPN's we have to raise the bar if we are to be respected and seen as 'real nurses'.(I know we are, but I think you all know what I mean)

    I certainly would like to see a more positive image of practical nursing.



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  •  11-28-2004, 11:28 PM

    Building a better image...

    You raise some very interesting points. 

    I agree that creating and maintaining a positive image is paramount in providing a professional image for LPN's, however,  I disagree with the assumption that most nurses are simply 'complaining'  having niether the inclination nor time to address these concerns appropriatly.

    I have stated before that the climate for change must come through the realization by those who are in the hierarchies of Nursing ( ie: DON's, Administrators, upper management etc.) that there are several issues that must be adequatly addressed first, before changes can be made. 

    I agree that there needs to be consistent standards to which EVERY LPN should be held to.  I also agree that yearly competency evaluation standards are an excellent idea but, who's standards will be used to determine said results?  As I understand it standards of care, vary from facility to facility and to certain extent state to state.  With the bare minimum being used to stay inside the  each states required standards for care.  Who sets the precedent?  The Administrator, DON, or Staff Nurses? 

    I feel strongly that LPN's do, in fact, make integeral members of the healthcare team when utilized in the manner appropriate to the capabilities that He or She possess. 

    I feel that the Nursing Profession has many areas that need to be addressed before we see any real changes that will be of benefit to the LPN's as a whole.  I do not think that being in any association can make up for the over all differences- difficulties that every LPN faces.

    I , too, am curious as to what national organization or commitee can provide insight into the complexity of these issues.   



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  •  03-30-2006, 6:59 AM

    Icing on the cake... MED TECHS

    OH NO! let me open your eyes to the world of MED TECHS this is a CNA with a 3 day pharmacology? course (I can read a Dr.s order too, ONLY if a Nurse transcribes it to english though)!  who will get paid more than an LPN to do less work with less resposibilities and guess what IF she/he (God forbid) O.D.s a patient or gives the wrong out of any of the basic 6 rights guess who is responsible... THE LPN who is making less money and pulling her own weight. Now isn't this the icing on the cake?