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impromptu huddles during shift for patient safety

Last post 06-30-2016, 4:56 AM by Colette Bowers. 2 replies.
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  •  06-02-2015, 6:04 PM

    impromptu huddles during shift for patient safety

    Hello All!

    I am looking for any information on best practices for calling an impromptu huddle in the middle of the shift for patient safety.  I work on a very busy 32 bed mother/baby unit in northern california.  We are looking for ways to implement impromptu huddles to increase communication between staff nurses and management to proactively problem solve, improve work flow and patient safety.  We also are looking for a way to alert all nurses on the unit in the form of a huddle when we are dealing with a critical patient.  Any input would be greatly appriciated!!!

    Beckie Seitz, RN

  •  02-12-2016, 5:27 AM

    Re: impromptu huddles during shift for patient safety

    You have received report on your patients and are starting your shift on a busy medical-surgical unit. To help control your workflow and manage your time more effectively, you begin to organize your thoughts and prioritize your tasks.

    Within minutes, the dialysis center calls, requesting one of your patients be sent there for treatment. Another patient rings for assistance to walk to the bathroom. An elderly patient with dementia is trying to get out of bed. Another patient is requesting pain medication. 

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  •  06-30-2016, 4:56 AM

    Re: impromptu huddles during shift for patient safety

    I do not know how medical workers cope with all that stress! They work so intensively for very long hours. I guess when you safe someone's life you forget about everything and at the end all your efforts are paid off.

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