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Please Help with HUGE Decision

Last post 11-06-2015, 1:52 PM by eduardo rodrigues. 0 replies.
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  •  11-06-2015, 1:52 PM

    Please Help with HUGE Decision

    I started my FNP program this August, but I also got into a PA school and decided to defer my acceptance; so I have a seat to start on Summer/Fall 2016 if I want to.

    If I decide to stop my FNP program and start my PA program in 2016 that means that I ll be finishing my PA in 2018 and in contrast if continued I will complete my FNP in 2017, so that is a year behind.

    Also, if I go to PA school, tuition for the PA program is $60,000 more than what I will be paying for my FNP (20K compared to 80K PA) and it also means that I will use all of my savings in living expenses for the next two years since I wont be able to work during the PA program.

    Looking at it from a LONG TERM, opportunity wise and finances, is it worth stopping my FNP and starting my PA program?

     I would lose this semester of the FNP program which didn't cost me much at all due to a scholarship, but as mentioned above, I would be behind a year and have more debt and no savings when done with the PA program. If it means that I will have more opportunities in jobs and better finances at the end then I am OK with making this decision. What do current NPs honestly think?

    What do you guys believe? Non biased answers please.
    Thanks in advance