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cervical radiculopathy

Last post 04-18-2016, 3:38 AM by Tony Ferraris. 3 replies.
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  •  10-06-2007, 9:49 PM

    cervical radiculopathy

    what is the PT management for a patient who has cervical nerve root impingement?i know you can prescribe to your pt rest,,exercise,and what else pls?what modalities can i use as a PT?thanks.urgent help needed
  •  10-12-2007, 1:04 AM

    Re: cervical radiculopathy

    First thing you have to know is what level in the cervical is the impingement. The key is to reduce the impingement and what ever other symptoms it manifest They are several management to reduce the impingement. You can choose on mech or manual traction, positioning with pillows or braces. But you really need to understand the anatomy correlation i.e. providing relief to the nerve root that is affected. Is neck flexion or extenion, anterior or posterior aggrevate symptoms? Patient education on body mechanic and posture are also important, avoiding a forward head posture or any position that would compromise or aggrevate the pinching. Good sources for treatments are McKenzie books or Saunders techniques. Hope this helps.
    Irene(Aims Contract Therapies)
  •  11-08-2007, 7:23 PM

    Re: cervical radiculopathy

    Hi,  First, a thorough patient history is a must. 

    Is there trauma involved?,  If so, you should have imaging and perform basic screening tests for the cervical spine, asking questions about cardinal signs, "red flags/past medical history". 

    Is there past history of Cancer, Osteoporosis, Oral Steroids?   Again, understand the nature of the condition you are trying to treat.  

    Are the symptoms constant, is there a temporal pattern, or are they soley positional/activity dependent?   

    What are Aggravating Factors?  What are Easing Factors? 

    What is their Posture and Movement ROM, Quality like?    etc. 

    While intermittent cervical traction is usually most effective (starting LOW  ~12# / 8#;  30--45 sec / 10--15sec, 1for 5--20 mins; increasing in 1 to 2 lb increments each visit), to have long term success, you must determine contributing impairments or cause for further management. 

    Now, if you're a therapist, you might want to contact others on the "" website (Orthopedics or Manual Therapy Discussion groups).     If you're really a patient, go see a Physical Therapist.   : )


  •  04-18-2016, 3:38 AM

    Re: cervical radiculopathy