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censuring by (or any other site)

Last post 11-29-2016, 3:12 AM by next449 next449. 7 replies.
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  •  06-17-2011, 7:26 PM

    censuring by (or any other site)

    I posted the following message on because I encountered this problem this week and it has had a VERY negative impact on my ability to be a successful travel nurse since Kaiser and American Mobile are such giant companies. I was unaware someone could be "blacklisted" in such a manner and wanted to warn other travelers to watch out for this. However, felt I had "an agenda" and deleted my posts. Please see what I wrote below and judge for yourself. They say I have an agenda, but mine was an honest interest in helping others avoid the GIANT mistake I made unwittingly. I wonder what agenda has in protecting Kaiser and American Mobile's reputations? All I did was search to see if this type of info was already on the forums. When I didn't find it, I just posted to RELEVANT threads that involved travelers, interviews with Kaiser (specifically) and the American Mobile-Kaiser connection - and no other threads. What do you think? I am being a bit petty now that banned me for life over this, but my original post was meant to inform others of a potentially career altering problem. Now I have a lifetime ban at TWO organizations. I am on a roll this week.

    My advice is to stay away from Kaiser. I am a relatively new traveler (only one previous assignment, but not a new nurse) and my (former) agency gave "verbal acceptance" to a Kaiser Downey (CA) job before I was truly ready to accept. I was having housing issues that didn't pan out and had to decline the job. Even though Kaiser had nothing in writing from myself or the agency, they are "upset" and have blacklisted me. As a result, I cannot be hired by any Kaiser facility OR any American Mobile Facility. They are indeed connected. Stay away from both as if your life depended on it - because your professional life may very well depend on it. They are incredibly political and petty.

    Additionally, their pre-orientation process is the most lengthy, redundant and ridiculous thing I have ever done, and they don't pay you (as a traveler) for it.

    Dear daeanaira,

    You have received a warning at allnurses: A Nursing Community for Nurses.

    Spamming the forums to further an agenda

    Dear member,

    We have deleted all of your posts about Kaiser. You have been digging up years-old threads and posting in off-topic forums, your duplicate posts. This is against the TOS and is viewed as spam. It is obvious you have an agenda with which does not wish to be aligned.

    All the best,
    allnurses: A Nursing Community for Nurses

    Regarding all the posts I posted regarding Kaiser that you deleted:

    I absolutely do have an agenda - that agenda is to inform other nurses of a serious problem that they may encounter if they work with a Kaiser facility. I am not doing it for vengeance. I looked other places on your site and did not find where people had posted about the VERY RELEVANT topic, so I chose to warn people myself.

    Also, if you check, you will see that I received messages in response to my posts, despite the threads being older (which I honestly did not notice when I did the search for Kaiser information). If you have a problem with people responding to older threads, then you should close them.

    I think you are doing a disservice to your readers by choosing the content they read for them. I used no foul or hateful language. And I stated the facts of a problem that happened to me this very week. Your censuring is not appreciated, and I will now be using the power of free speech to complain about YOU on other nursing forums.

    All the best-
  •  06-18-2011, 5:00 PM

    Re: censuring by (or any other site)

    Unfortunately, I know they don't want you listing company names, but of course many do this with no recourse. Weird that they would delete it unless someone reported the thread. =/ 

    I have had a similar situation where a company told another company that I did not work for them. It was pretty significant amount of Travel/Hospital experience. It was detrimental to me as well. As I cannot work for the agency, until I get that information. When I applied again a year later, the recruiter remembered me and gave me a hard time about it. It was funny that other places I applied had no problem.  

  •  01-12-2013, 3:20 PM

    Re: censuring by (or any other site)

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    I was given 50 infraction points for practically no reason at all on while the 10 people insulting me received no warnings or infractions.


    I wrote one person was doing "Ad Hominem and Appeal to Spite against my character" (in reaction to them insulting and misrepresenting me, this same person said I was delusional, a troll, illogical, knew nothing, silly, and on and on for a month) and I was given a 20 point infraction. This was their quote as why I received the infarction was for that sentence and enlarged the text for Harvard and Harvard Public Health University for emphasis. Maybe they do not like Harvard? The large text for an unknown university also referenced to was not reduced.


    The person who continuously insulted me went unpunished.


    Then more people ganged up on me, though I was supported a stance held by the American Nurses Association, Harvard, John Hopkins University, WHO, OECD, 30 Nursing organizations, and other reputable sources.


    This same person dismissed Harvard and said "they were biased on the subject" as if they did not matter. One person who ganged up on me dismissed John Hopkins entirely. Three people insulted me with "chuckle, chuckle" and "you are confused, ect" while I was simply quoting a John Hopkins supported study. I found this to be disrespectful and on this particular thread I told the person who said they did not care about John Hopkins that they were "ignorant and narrow-minded if they would not look at the information published on the issue." This I believe was what lead to it going down-hill. I did not know who this person was, but apparently they have strong ties with the website and it appeared had an issue with me after this. They were labeled as a "guide" and I learned from other posts they are a director of a nursing home supposedly they claim (as if you know if it is the truth). A person laughed at me saying "I laughed so hard I spilled my fresco" and "I was knew and insulting old members does not go over well." This appeared to be a threat. Well it did not go well, this person was out to get me now even though 90 insults were hurled at me for supporting these various reputable sources.


    You are not allowed to question healthcare practices on I know that we are #38 in the world in healthcare (WHO) and in the 30's for total life-span OECD. I am very skeptical of Long Term Care facilities as I have heard numerous instances of abuse, they have one person caring for 40 people which is hazardous, the places are disrespectful to the people, and the environment is terrible. It is as bad as hospice (where I've heard is the place people go to die). I made some posts stating in-home healthcare is better and that I had worked in in-home healthcare, seeing the people prefer it as they feel more independent and that is the most like their previous life. This person from that other thread came to this one and started ganging up on me also as well as others who felt no one can criticize any health care facilities, though the thread was about a Dr. Phil nursing home abuse case. They were very angry that I wanted change from institutions to in-home health which I know is a better place for them physically and for their minds. I wrote we spend the least on in-home healthcare compared to many countries, yet are #1 spenders on pharmaceuticals and other areas, that we should respect the elderly more. I said nurses should question other nurses if they see that nurse abusing someone.


    In another thread came the last straw. I questioned the response time of an EMT/ambulance, saying 30 minutes is far too long for two broken legs of an elderly person at a facility. I referenced to an article which referenced to cardiac arrest victims and their times of survival which depended on below 5 minutes and at most 6 minutes. It was called "Every second: a person dies" from USA Today. I said we need to provide more funding to close these disparities.


    A moderator responded named Esme who criticized my comment, saying even if the ambulance comes sooner paperwork must be filled out before the person can be taken away in an ambulance to the ER. 30 minutes they said was "good time." I cannot believe that this Esme person would say paperwork takes priority over a patient receiving treatment. How is 30 minutes "good time" and that doesn't even include the trip to the ER and time for treatment. They then held a grudge against me and went to another thread I was posting in and gave me an infarction. They deleted a post I wrote and gave me a warning for 30 points when I posted I did not understand why it was deleted as it was just a list (which it was, a list of sources and I was asking why the other person did not listen to them, Harvard, physicians, nursing unions, and John Hopkins included, and if not them who did they listen to?)


    More people criticized me and I saw the person from the first thread who I criticized for not listening to John Hopkins in this thread as well and joining in. I have no idea where these people come from and apparently they spy on your other posts because one insulter questioned my qualifications (not very much experience, except I have done in-home health, ect) which I had only posted about in a few posts out of many, so they much have searched thoroughly for this information to bring against me.


    All in all, I tried posting and could not. All of my posts were said to be requiring moderation. I am, effectively, banned except for putting likes. I looked for a way to delete my account, but cannot. I cannot stand the way I was treated for wanting better care for people and using reputable sources while numerous people insulted me left and right, yet I got the axe.


    This is not a friendly website, and I hope everyone knows that their is a hierarchy and if you step on anyone's toes who has been there a long time, a guide, ect, you will face the consequences for practically nothing at all. They will send the lynch mob after you. I hope not all nurses are blind followers who do not question positions and use reputable sources. If everyone is to simply agree with everyone else, who else are we to improve are atrocious numbers in terms of health care rank? How are we supposed to improve at all if their is no freedom of thought and new ideas?


    I would stay clear of because they do not care about the people receiving care, but more about the nurses. There is a strange anti-patient, pro-nurse mentality which I feel is unhealthy for medical relationships and proving true healthcare for people in desperate need. If you recommend lowering the costs of medical devices and make them more movable they will chop off your head. I said if more people had access to medical equipment safe for use in their homes it could lengthen life-spans (think, if everyone had a defibrillator, which are safe to use for non-medical, but also Hoyer lifts, ect for long term care would be better if more affordable and available for everyone's benefit). I saw many anti-medicaid comments on the website too which laughed at poor people. Very disrespectful and saddening as I believe everyone is valued.


    Do not question mental "illness" either as they are eating out of the hands of psychiatry. There is a large push to diagnose as many as they can and label it all genetic. I have personally seen many people who do not have problems yet are supposedly this or that. Right, how can you drive well, be a good parent, dress clean, talk perfectly, have a nice house and have something. I'm not sure if they were especially diagnosed or not or if they made it up themselves and are joking. Some people made the disturbing responses that people should go back to being locked up in mental institutions against their will before the 1970's (asylums, though they reject the term, but in reality it is the same thing). I said this is against freedom of thought, inhumane, grim, and primly influenced by social and political factors (which is absolutely true, just look at history).


    I do not recommend if you care about people, have new ideas, and want to improve healthcare, or like Harvard or John Hopkins. There is a hierarchy there and they will punish you for a differing, independent, and free thinking opinion to help people and provide change and progress.

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  •  05-21-2013, 4:22 PM

    Re: censuring by (or any other site)

    FILE A COMPLAINT with the Better Business Bureau! That's what I did today - they banned me for life, and I had paid for a premium membership. Their practices are terrible and heavy-handed. The BBB is where all these complaints should go, and where it will hurt the most. Even if you haven't paid them, this is still a customer-service issue. File a complaint!
  •  08-04-2014, 3:53 AM

    Re: censuring by (or any other site)

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    Re: censuring by (or any other site)

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    Re: censuring by (or any other site)

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  •  11-29-2016, 3:12 AM

    Re: censuring by (or any other site)

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