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Previous knowlege help in Medical coding?

Last post 10-26-2019, 3:22 AM by Kristy Thompson. 3 replies.
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  •  01-16-2017, 8:21 PM

    Previous knowlege help in Medical coding?


    I worked for 10 years at an insurance company as a data entry auditor. I now work for a decent size hospital and clinic system as an insurance biller/patient account specialist and am also currently obtaining my Associates degree in Medical Coding. My question is, has anyone else worked in multiple different areas of the insurance and coding realms?  If so, how did having the knowledge of these different areas help you be a better medical coder?

    Thank you in advance for your feedback.


  •  02-24-2017, 1:32 AM

    Re: Previous knowlege help in Medical coding?

    Hope these tips can help you!

    Learn the Specialty

    New medical coders often come out of a generalized educational program. This is a good foundation, but if you are working in a specialized practice, such as a radiology firm, you most likely need to dig deeper to understand some of the subtle coding nuances. It is common for office procedures to carry multiple codes, and many times the office staff takes for granted that you know what those procedures and codes are. Spend time with the practice manager learning about the flow of the office and standard procedures so that you do not miss any codes that could prevent the office from being paid properly.

    Look at Previous Coding

    Pull previous superbills and claim forms for the most standard office procedures to see how they have been coded in the past. Do not assume the codes are correct; review the procedures done against the medical record and perform a mini-audit to see if you would code the record in the same way. This often gives you a solid idea of normal office flow and procedure. Note any discrepancies and discuss them with the practice manager.

    Review the Explanation of Benefits

    Review all contested or unpaid explanation of benefits (EOBs) to see if a coding error is to blame. Often transposed digits or simple coder error created the problem. Fix the error and resubmit the record for payment. Discuss large-scale, unpaid EOBs with the billing and office staff to ensure that you are all working as a comprehensive team to get every procedure paid as quickly as possible.

    Coding Materials Access

    Online access to coding books and materials is often included with your school textbook purchases; keep both the books and any online access codes in a safe place so you can bring them to your job. Having quick, reliable access to these materials will help you save much time and frustration as you are starting a new coding position.

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  •  04-14-2018, 1:39 AM

    Re: Previous knowlege help in Medical coding?

    Medicinal Billing and coding are basically two things of the same procedure. To start with, when a patient leaves the doctor's center, the restorative biller in his facility puts all the significant CPT/ICD codes into the patient experience documentation so they can be sent to the insurance agency for forwarding repayment. That procedure of putting in all the significant system and clinical codes is called coding while the procedure beginning from assert accommodation to repayment is call restorative charging. Medicinal charging is an essential component of any training as it gives the lifesaver to every other component of the training. Claim dissents, poor repayment rates, and erroneous coding can extremely influence any training's tasks and hamper the money streams all things considered.

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  •  10-26-2019, 3:22 AM

    Re: Previous knowlege help in Medical coding?

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