User's Guide

Our blog community will be starting out as a monitored site to ensure the validity of each entry, but it will not discourage opposing viewpoints. Entries including ethnic, racial or social slurs, profanity or threatening remarks will not be published, so voice your comments, suggestions and opinions in a respectful manner. Posts containing inappropriate solicitation will also be removed.

Navigating the Blogs

On our home page you’ll find a list of different blog posts on our site. You can select a blog title of interest. Once you’re in the specific blog page, you’ll find the most recent blog listed first. The other blogs published will be listed below in chronological order.

To read a blog in full and/or comment on a specific blog, click on the title of that blog, and then scroll down to the comment section. Please keep in mind that any inappropriate entries will not be published.

Blog Info

On the right hand side of the blog page you’ll notice a search tool that will lead you to other blogs related to your search. Below the search tool is a link to information about the blog and what it generally covers. Next, a picture of the author is located above a brief description of the author’s background; for a full author bio, click on "View Full Profile."

Blog Features

The "Keep Me Updated" section is meant to send the user information on a reoccurring basis. You can set up an RSS feed update.

RSS means Really Simple Syndication. An RSS feed is an XML-based format used to frequently update content published by a Web site. The difference between a Web site and a feed is that when you subscribe to the feed, Internet Explorer (and other RSS-aware programs) will automatically check that Web site and download new content to your computer so you can see what’s new since the last time you visited the feed. Readers of your blog will be able to click on the RSS link on our home page to set up their feed.

You can also view a list of the most recent blogs and search the archives. Another feature offered is the Browse by Tag tool. You can search through the blogs using "tag" words in order of popularity. Navigating through different ADVANCE Web sites is made easy by providing links to our other popular sites.

If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you’ll notice a section called Blogroll. This section includes a list of the author’s favorite blogs.

Our Promise

We pledge to offer you timely, informative and entertaining content, and to respond to your comments in a timely manner. But we do ask that you be patient for a response as all participating bloggers do have "day jobs."

We’re thrilled to be able to offer this cutting-edge feature to our Web site as a platform for health care professionals to be heard. We look forward to learning about your field from your Point of View (POV).

If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, please contact Tricia Cassidy,