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  • Any Advice as a Home Health Nurse?

    I'm currently in nursing school, but on a part-time basis. I still have young children who still require my attention and care. Last summer I obtained my CNA license. I was thinking of applying to Bayada nurses. Is any one familiar with them, is this a good agency to work for? Does any one have any reccommendations, as to what area to specialize ...
    Posted to LPN Forums (Forum) by Lisa Goodstein on May 29, 2009
  • Can you become a LPN on-line?

    It's getting harder with my home life and kids to comitt to a full-time program, any advice? I know you can become a RN on-line, what about LPN? If so what are the names of the on-line schools who offer programs and what do they cost? Thanks for any recommendations in this matter. Lisa Goodstein-
    Posted to LPN Forums (Forum) by Lisa Goodstein on May 18, 2009
  • Re: College Network/ Excelsior College

    I've heard of this program. Is this to become a LPN or RN? How long is the program, and how much are the books? Can the books also be purchased at a Barnes and Noble or local book store etc. Thanks and good luck to you. I have two small children myself, I can't even finish a full-time LPN program yet, I feel like giving up!
    Posted to LPN Forums (Forum) by Lisa Goodstein on May 17, 2009
  • Will Any Employer Pay For LPN Education?

    I know their are places that pay for continuing education, and LPN to RN. Does it exist for a job or school instituition,with the nursing shortage to pay for LPN schooling, if employment is promised? I live in South Jersey, I don't know if that exists in this area. I'm currently in a program, but their all full-time, and I still have two little ...
    Posted to LPN Forums (Forum) by Lisa Goodstein on May 9, 2009
  • Re: Salary for new graduates?

    I appreciate everyone's helpful input. It's very informative, a lot to think about. It's hard because I still have young children who&nbsp;rely on me, and most programs are full-time. I still have a few sciences classes to take for the RN program, but don't know if I can commmit to two years full-time. I need to make money for my family though. ...
    Posted to LPN Forums (Forum) by Lisa Goodstein on April 25, 2009
  • Salary for new graduates?

    I'm in a Lpn program, and a lot of my peers are switching to an RN program. Are Lpn programs being fazed out? What can new Lpn graduates look forward&nbsp; to in the job market, as well as salary these days? I hope I made the right decision w/ school? Now I'm unsure, any advice?
    Posted to LPN Forums (Forum) by Lisa Goodstein on April 1, 2009
  • Do LPN-OR scrub nurses still exist?

    I'm currently a student , but wonder if all the good jobs require years of experience? I read the recent Advance for Lpn's Magazine article-''No Holding Back'', what an informative article. I was particularly interested in the subject of LPN -OR Scrub Nurses. Do they still exist with today's recent graduates?&nbsp; How does one become an LPN- OR ...
    Posted to LPN Forums (Forum) by Lisa Goodstein on January 14, 2009
  • Are Lpn's Getting Hired in Hospitals these Days?

    I'm an Lpn student in South Jersey. I graduate next year. I always wanted to work in a hospital for the experience, but I'm told they don't hire Lpn's any more. I keep geting conflicting stories. Some people tell me, I may have to get licensed in PA also-because Philly is such a big city. Their may be more oppurtunities in Philly. What are the ...
    Posted to LPN Forums (Forum) by Lisa Goodstein on December 31, 2008
  • Where Does A LPN Interested in Wound Care Get A Job?

    Maybe someone out there can help me? Does anyone know where to get a job in wound care?If so where, I live in South Jersey. Are there any LPN's currently working in this field, who can tell me what to look forward to? What kind of salaries can I expect in this field. Any information on this subject would be appreciated. This field seems to be ...
    Posted to LPN Forums (Forum) by Lisa Goodstein on December 5, 2008
  • wound care certification?

    I'm hearing alot of people in the nursing community talk about a &nbsp;wound care speciality. I'm not sure once you get your certification, what that entitles you to? I read a recent blog on this website saying how their was a need in this field for it. Where do you get certified, and are there jobs in this field? I appreciate the input. I've only ...
    Posted to LPN Forums (Forum) by Lisa Goodstein on November 29, 2008
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