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  • School based screens

    Does anyone have any screens for a school setting.&nbsp; I feel like what I'm doing is a little to subjective for me, and would like a different option.&nbsp; I work in a K-8 setting, but most of my screens are K-4. Thanks!
    Posted to OT POV: Forums (Forum) by Nicole on April 17, 2012
  • Re: Do you think that the OT program you were in thoroughly prepared you for the NBCOT certification??

    My program prepared me for the exam, but my clinicals are what prepared me for the real world of OT.&nbsp; I feel many of the programs have an outdated class progression.&nbsp; There were many things I think should be included that weren't and visa versa.
    Posted to OT POV: Forums (Forum) by Nicole on June 20, 2009
  • Any Findlay Grads out there?

    I was wondering if there are any University of Findlay grads reading this, and if any of you completed the weekend college MOT.&nbsp; I have a few questions about the prereqs if any are out there.
    Posted to OT POV: Forums (Forum) by Nicole on May 13, 2009
  • Re: What is in a title... OTA/OTR

    Welcome to the discussion!!&nbsp; OTRs with your perspective seem to be far and few between.&nbsp; This debate is a little more current on the COTA thoughts- What's in a name on the Advance E-Newsletters.&nbsp; It's also getting pretty heated, just to warn you.&nbsp; We have been debating on possibly starting a petition with AOTA, but who knows. I ...
    Posted to OT POV: Forums (Forum) by Nicole on February 19, 2009
  • Re: Ethics and appropriate patient treatment in nursing homes

    I recently did travel therapy, and boy what an eye opener.&nbsp; I know exactly what you mean with using aides without LOS.&nbsp; I worked with girls who made 150-200% productivity everyday!! I said thanks but no thanks, I'll just take the assistance with transportation please.&nbsp; I worked my butt off for 3 months, but I saw every minute I ...
    Posted to OT POV: Forums (Forum) by Nicole on February 12, 2009
  • Re: continuing education from OTA to OTR

    They don't have any programs that are online for OTA to OTR (the only online only programs are for bachelor OTRs to masters), and you have to have a masters now.&nbsp; A bachelors won't do anything for you professionally, but many part online programs/ part weekend programs require a bachelors in a related field prior to acceptance.&nbsp; Usually, ...
    Posted to OT POV: Forums (Forum) by Nicole on January 17, 2009