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  • Mentoring Continuing

    Please see my last post of FEB.2010 I have met so many enthusiastic therapists all across the world. &nbsp;
    Posted to OT POV: Forums (Forum) by Barbara on September 2, 2010
  • Re: Mentoring Available

    Hi Ann, Sorry this has taken so long to reply. I thought I had given my e-mail address, so didn't even think &nbsp;to check the ''post'' 'til today. I think &nbsp;It is most difficult to slide into another area of OT after having only one experience, such as yours in peds. I began in geriatrics and then after 7 years , like you, decided to go ...
    Posted to OT POV: Forums (Forum) by Barbara on February 24, 2010
  • Re: Child with a CVA

    I have had no experience with CIMT, nor have I worked with a child with&nbsp;a CVA.Many adults. What have other specialists done? Have the parents tried Craniosacral therapy? If this child has active movement and no, or minimal spasticity in the affected extremity, some of &nbsp;the ROOD techniqe would be much less traumatic, and perhaps&nbsp; ...
    Posted to OT POV: Forums (Forum) by Barbara on February 24, 2010
  • Re: Pediatric burn pt.

    Does this child need hand splints, pehaps, if the grafts are stable? For night use?&nbsp; If grafts are stable, Praying hand exercises with wrists bent, playing push me ( &nbsp;pushing against an inflated ball with you on the opposiste side of the ball, palms flat.)&nbsp;.Was the child hypersenstive to touch prior to the burns? If the grafts are ...
    Posted to OT POV: Forums (Forum) by Barbara on February 14, 2010
  • Re: Outpatient Pulmonary Clinic

    What is the RT teaching these patients? What worked for me as an in home therapist or in clinic therapist&nbsp;was teaching pursed lip breathing, belly breathing, and teaching in&nbsp;picture format as to when a patient should be breathing in or&nbsp; breathing out during functional activity such as getting up from a seated position, or in the ...
    Posted to OT POV: Forums (Forum) by Barbara on February 14, 2010
  • Mentoring Available

    Hello! I am very willing to mentor any therapist out there. I have been inactive since an accident in 2001, and it looks like I may not be going back to work. I graduated from OT school in 1963 and have had much experience in a general medicine and surgery hospital, skilled nursing facilities,and home health care. I am willing to share my ...
    Posted to OT POV: Forums (Forum) by Barbara on February 14, 2010
  • Re: Dyslexia

    Become familiar with Lindamood-Bell. That might help. On-line page.
    Posted to OT POV: Forums (Forum) by Barbara on September 2, 2009
  • Re: Need ideas to make some money while on childcare leave of absence. Anybody ever in this situation?

    Hi..I have an ''unable to work'' situation here, and I have tried selling my art on and books on Amazon.
    Posted to OT POV: Forums (Forum) by Barbara on September 2, 2009
  • Re: Flaccid UE, Neuro re-ed ideas

    Hi Lindsey. Rood Technique is helpful with a completely flaccid UE. It is a very powerful stimulus and needs to be taken seriously, done explicitly as directed, &nbsp;and not over done, or the patient could become very spastic. If you would like instruction please e-mail me at;or;and I ...
    Posted to OT POV: Forums (Forum) by Barbara on September 2, 2009
  • Re: Burns and OT

    Hi, I do have lots of handouts on all kinds of things. Where should I send them? Barb
    Posted to OT POV: Forums (Forum) by Barbara on March 28, 2009
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