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  • Just Curious...Why Was Advance for LPNs Cancelled?

    Hello Everyone! &nbsp;I used to subscribe to Advance for LPNs a few years ago and decided to re-subscribe.&nbsp; Didn't see Advance for LPNs on the web, was redirected here.&nbsp; Also called and they stated that it was discontinued last year...a 'management decision'.&nbsp; I am hoping that it was because they decided to take us under the ...
    Posted to Nurse POV Forums (Forum) by pagandevaY2K on July 9, 2010
  • Re: RE:RE:LPNS Must Stand Together!

    Christine Kostolni: I whole heartedly agree with Katherine....We as LPN's need to stand up for ourselves... After all, we are NURSES too!!!! It must have been fate/destiny.. what ever you wish to call it that brought me to this website.... as I was searching for info on how to address a situtaion that has been ongoing and came to a ''head' in ...
    Posted to LPN Forums (Forum) by pagandevaY2K on May 22, 2009
  • Re: Can you become a LPN on-line?

    I doubt it, mainly because most of the RN on line programs require that the student either have their LPN license or have completed an EMT or Paramedics course.&nbsp; The LPN program is fundamental nursing, and I guess that the schools really require that the student be present in order to witness these skills first hand.&nbsp;
    Posted to LPN Forums (Forum) by pagandevaY2K on May 22, 2009

    I also do not support Magnet Status, because they are not inclusive of ALL nurses.&nbsp; They are pro-RN (BSN in particular).&nbsp; As mentioned, some hospitals tend to get rid of LPNs when they apply for Magnet.&nbsp; Contrary to popular belief, not every LPN aspires to become an RN.&nbsp; What I find to be particularly insane is that ...
    Posted to LPN Forums (Forum) by pagandevaY2K on November 23, 2008
  • What is the Future of LPNs?

    I find myself being very depressed lately.&nbsp; I became an LPN since June, 2006, and from what I see, there is an uncomfortable trend going on.&nbsp; My hospital applied for Magnet Status here in Queens, New York, and it seems that they have no real use for LPNs.&nbsp; I never cared what others (RNs) felt about LPNs, because I never aspired to ...
    Posted to LPN Forums (Forum) by pagandevaY2K on November 24, 2007
  • RE:scope of practice

    MESSAGE BY: cschuess123It's sad that the MD didn't back you being that it was an appropriate order. In the LTC setting we have some liberties being that we work closely with one or two physicians. We often order things like urines, CXR,&nbsp;labs etc...that nurses at hospitals can't. Our MD's trust our judgements and back us...of course I wouldn't ...
    Posted to Nurse POV Forums (Forum) by pagandevaY2K on July 9, 2006
  • RE:Uniform Color

    I hate to see staff with their ID cards turned in the opposite direction.&nbsp; It gives me the impression that they have something to hide.&nbsp; I, as a nursing student, want to know who is addressing me, because at times, I have had aides 'tell me what to do', and when I seek clarity to their role on the floor, they don't want to tell me.&nbsp; ...
    Posted to Nurse POV Forums (Forum) by pagandevaY2K on June 11, 2005
  • RE:Uniform Color

    I can agree with that statement.&nbsp; It is the attitude of the nurse that is most important.&nbsp; I do think that it may be better if the different roles of staff wore different colors, so that it may be easier to tell the difference between a tech, aide, phlebotomist, and such. I have seen phlebotomists that looked like physicians.&nbsp; ...
    Posted to Nurse POV Forums (Forum) by pagandevaY2K on May 8, 2005
  • Internal Nursing Conflicts-RN/LPN

    There was a discussion today that made me want to ask some of theRNs that are here on this board if there is a general disregard toLPNs, or is it in their heads? I am asking this because I just started Fundamentals for Practical Nursing this week, and this was the conversation that was going on with my classmates.&nbsp; It was like their dreams ...
    Posted to Nurse POV Forums (Forum) by pagandevaY2K on March 18, 2005
  • Clinical Experience

    Hello Everyone: In March, I will start Fundamentals of (Practical) Nursing.&nbsp; I have been a nurse aide, phlebotomist, medical assistant and PCA, so bedside care is familiar to me.&nbsp; The clinicals for those positions were from 5 to 7 days tops, with minimal responsibilities compared to a nurse. For those of you who may be clinical ...
    Posted to Nurse POV Forums (Forum) by pagandevaY2K on February 10, 2005
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