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  • Re: LPN's scope of practice

    I agree, for instance an LPN can become wound care certified here in NJ, however my employer will only hire an RN, WCC for the position.&nbsp; The inconsistencies between my ''scope of practice'' and employers policies and procedures are abundant.&nbsp; I worked at a hospital for many years and the RN union demanded LPN's have strict limitations ...
    Posted to LPN Forums (Forum) by stormer02 on December 3, 2007
  • Re: wages

    I too work in NJ, a sub-acute unit and receive $30/hr as well, the average salary for LPN's in my area os $23 - $28/hr.&nbsp; A friend relocated to South Carolina recently and only could command $14/hr in that region, needless to say he has returned to NJ!&nbsp; I am accustomed to my salary and could not cover my bills with a lower salary.&nbsp; I ...
    Posted to LPN Forums (Forum) by stormer02 on December 3, 2007
  • RE:If you could change anything about LPN scope ...

    I would change nurse to patient ratio criteria.&nbsp; Currently in NJ, working a sub-acute skilled nursing floor, I struggle to take care of the needs of 24 patients.&nbsp; It is literally impossible to medicate, do treatments, offer emotional support, educate, etc., etc., etc.&nbsp; It saddens me that as hospitals are discharging sicker, ...
    Posted to LPN Forums (Forum) by stormer02 on August 24, 2007
  • RE:I need your input!!!!

    I would love the organization to ensure that my scope of practice, as an lpn, be consistent and inclusive to what the State Board of Nursing has credientialed me, across the board, and not hindered because of policies and procedures of facilities.&nbsp; I am educated and qualified, and would join an organization that would establish guidlines ...
    Posted to LPN Forums (Forum) by stormer02 on July 30, 2006