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  • Re: Hanging IV Meds

    Here in Florida - LPN's have to be IV certified to work anywhere. They past this ''law'' years ago - and of course, never offered us a penny more for being IV certified. This is what I love nursing - NOT!
    Posted to LPN Forums (Forum) by wookymonster1 on December 21, 2007
  • Re: private duty nursing

    I prefer private duty - and have done lots of it in my 30+ year career. Makes you feel like you can effectively make a difference. There is not enough ot it available, unfortunately.
    Posted to LPN Forums (Forum) by wookymonster1 on December 21, 2007
  • Re: RE:Nursing shortage

    I sure wish that Florida was as progressive as California. I would love to challenge the Rn boards. But alas, we are ''not in the loop''. However, work is getting harder to come by for LPN's&nbsp; - at least in NE Florida, where I am located. Thus is the worst it has been in over 3o years of my nursing career..
    Posted to LPN Forums (Forum) by wookymonster1 on December 21, 2007
  • Re: If you could change anything about LPN scope ...

    A number of things: (1) Pay scale (2) Nurse:patient ratio in all clinical areas (3) increase in pay scale for LPN's that are IV certified... for this last - you must be IV certified and yet, not one single penny more was added to my wage for this mandatory requirement, at least here in Florida.
    Posted to LPN Forums (Forum) by wookymonster1 on October 6, 2007
  • Abusive Supervisors

    She did not laugh at me - but held a meeting with myself and 2 other LPN's on the 11-6 shift at a local nursing home. No susbject matter was forthcoming when she announced this meeeting - so we all marched into the nursing conference room - where she proceeded to abuse me 'up one side and down the other'&nbsp; without provocation, just cause or ...
    Posted to LPN Forums (Forum) by wookymonster1 on July 4, 2007
  • RE:RE:wages

    Florida LPN wages are below par for the national and as such, should be considered a disgrace. As an agency nurse, I have made $17.00 hour (private duty) for the last 10 years. There have been NO cost of living wages - and I just recently accepted a 'real' job at an assisted living facility for $15.00 an hour, because it is closer to my home and ...
    Posted to LPN Forums (Forum) by wookymonster1 on May 22, 2007