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  • re: What Do You Wear to Work?

    I work in rehab and wear docker type pants. Polo shirts, Running shoes for comfort and safety. And a vest which I love due to good sized pickets which &nbsp;hold a pen, oximeter, and occasional other items. Enjoyed your article!
    Posted to When OTs Wore White Shoes (Weblog) by Ann Anderson on September 18, 2014
  • re: The Best Kept Secret

    How you differentiate between EGO and the true self in this article makes a lot of sense and an awareness/application of this would help promote growth both personally and in how one approaches one&#39;s career. &nbsp;Your &nbsp;article was very interesting and inspiring to me, one who is very interested in living the best life I can and being the ...
    Posted to Energizing Healthcare (Weblog) by Ann Anderson on February 26, 2014
  • Re: Mentoring Available

    Hi Barb, I am an occupational therapist who has taken years off to raise my family.&nbsp; I would like to return to the work force.&nbsp; My previous training and experience was in pediatrics but I am considering returning to home health care or some sort of geriatrics.&nbsp; It is kind of overwhelming...any suggestions on where to begin?&nbsp; I ...
    Posted to OT POV: Forums (Forum) by Ann Anderson on February 18, 2010
  • Re: pediatric evaluation form

    Hi, If you don't mind sending templates to one more person I would love to receive them!&nbsp; I am just starting back into the field of Occupational Therapy after quite a few years away .&nbsp; Thank you so much,&nbsp;&nbsp; Ann&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
    Posted to OT POV: Forums (Forum) by Ann Anderson on February 5, 2010
  • Re: returning to OT after 10 years...

    I am also just starting the process to return to OT...I would love any suggestions!&nbsp; I have been out of the field a little over 10 years and it is very exciting to be returning.
    Posted to OT POV: Forums (Forum) by Ann Anderson on February 5, 2010