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  • re: Headed to ASHA?

    I&#39;ll add ADVANCE to that list! Come to Booth # 514 to get the latest print issue of the magazine, resubscribe if you&#39;re no longer getting it in the mail and buy some apparel from our Healthcare Shop!
    Posted to Speaking of Apps (Weblog) by Stacey Miller on November 5, 2012
  • Book Recommendations

    On our sister publication, ADVANCE for Hearing Practice Management, blogger Dusty Richards writes about the benefits of sharing books with colleagues to grow in your profession.&nbsp; Are there are any books you have recommended to colleagues? Ones that have helped elevate your speech therapy with clients or just inspired you ...
    Posted to Speech & Hearing Forum (Forum) by Stacey Miller on August 10, 2012
  • Motivation Matters

    What motivates you to get up in the morning (or in the evening, afternoon or middle of the night depending on your schedule) and go to work? That's not really a tough question for most people&nbsp; money, of course. As Daniel Pink, former speechwriter ...
    Posted to ADVANCE Perspective: Nurses (Weblog) by Stacey Miller on April 9, 2012
  • Most Nurses Exposed to Blood during IV Catheter Care, Most Don't Report Incidents

    Since 2000, when U.S. Congress signed into law the Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act nurses have been working in a safer environment. Protection against injuries that exposed nurses and other healthcare workers to potentially deadly diseases has improved with the use of safer practices ...
    Posted to ADVANCE Perspective: Nurses (Weblog) by Stacey Miller on March 14, 2012
  • TV Chef Says She has Diabetes. Will Lifestyle Changes Come?

    Every once in a while stories in the entertainment sections of magazines and newspapers intersect with the health section. &nbsp; Just last week, readers found out about the lush maternity ward at Lenox Hill Hospital where Beyonce and Jay-Z welcomed daughter, Blue Ivy. &nbsp; NBC Today show viewers also saw&nbsp;Food Network star Paula Deen ...
    Posted to ADVANCE Perspective: Nurses (Weblog) by Stacey Miller on January 18, 2012
  • MA Voters May Take Up Physician-Assisted Suicide

    Next year, Massachusetts may become the fourth state in the U.S. where physicians&nbsp;can assist terminally ill patients to end their own lives. In 2012, residents will likely get to vote on the Massachusetts Death and Dignity Act. If passed, the Bay State will follow in the footsteps of Montana, Oregon and Washington where such laws exist. ...
    Posted to ADVANCE Perspective: Nurses (Weblog) by Stacey Miller on November 4, 2011
  • Table for Two at the Hospital

    During winter and summer breaks from college, I worked in the kitchen of the hospital in my hometown. Once I was done delivering carts filled with patients breakfast and lunch to their respective floor, Id grab my own meal from the cafeteria. Usually this was something about as glamorous as scrambled eggs, a turkey sandwich or a saladpretty ...
    Posted to ADVANCE Perspective: Nurses (Weblog) by Stacey Miller on August 1, 2011
  • Compassion Fatigue

    In Compassion Fatigue, recent nursing graduate Joshua Cole writes about the three stages of compassion fatigue: compassion discomfort (weariness, lessened enthusiasm and weakening attention that are quickly reversed with rest); compassion stress (loss of strength, diminished performance, irritability and an impaired ability to concentrate); and ...
    Posted to Nurse POV Forums (Forum) by Stacey Miller on July 27, 2011
  • Panel Interviews, Anyone?

    Dapinder Kaur, BSN, RN, was delighted when she was invited to a panel interview as one of 50 finalists for a slot in a prestigious New Graduate Nurse Residency Program in northern California. She showed up for the appointment eager to distinguish herself from the other three new grads in the room, and ready to answer tough questions from the four ...
    Posted to Nurse POV Forums (Forum) by Stacey Miller on June 6, 2011
  • Don't Miss AORN in Philly!

    Anyone who has been to a nursing conference this year has been informed about major changes brewing in the profession--the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation/Institute of Medicine's report on the future of nursing, healthcare reform's impact on expanding care and coverage to more Americans, and the overall cultural shift toward a better educated ...
    Posted to ADVANCE Perspective: Nurses (Weblog) by Stacey Miller on March 14, 2011
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