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  • Re: Nervous about Career change

    Hi Susan, If your previous career did not involve health care at all, I do believe that getting into HIM could be nothing but a positive change for a career. I do believe you are correct in seeing the growth potential in this field, especially in the near future. As for coding only, that would have to be a personal choice, but I would not limit ...
    Posted to HIM Insider: Forums (Forum) by Jeri Brown on January 27, 2013
  • Nervous about Career change

    I am a 25 year&nbsp;veteran&nbsp;in Respiratory Care with experience in high&nbsp;acuity&nbsp;areas including cardiac cath. lab. I am excited about joining the HIM community, but find&nbsp;recently&nbsp;my&nbsp;nervousness&nbsp;has increased. Being told that my&nbsp;experience&nbsp;is a huge advantage sounds good, &nbsp;but &nbsp;was wondering if ...
    Posted to HIM Insider: Forums (Forum) by Jeri Brown on January 21, 2013
  • Re: Combining two careers

    Karen like you I have been in healthcare, a&nbsp;respiratory therapist&nbsp;for 25 years, and now in the HIM program. Though I do not have any physical limitations, my choice was made more due to simply needing a change that would allow me to utilize my knowledge, but take me away from direct patient care. After much research, and thought I found ...
    Posted to HIM Insider: Forums (Forum) by Jeri Brown on January 16, 2013