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  • Re: pant/brief management on toilet following a sliding board TF

    My experience with this has been quite interesting.  The transfer seems to not be the problem but getting clothes on and off is hard depending on the patient.  I had a T6-7 partial paraplegic that I worked with on this issue.  She had a lot of unusual tone issues in the LE.  She could bear weight into the LE somewhat but lacked trunk control to ...
    Posted to OT POV: Forums (Forum) by Joni Kamiya on January 13, 2010
  • Beware of a Scam on OTs

    Just wanted to share with you that there is a scam out there targetting us OTs.&nbsp; The scam is under Cambridge Who's Who.&nbsp; They are sending letters of acceptance into this directory for OT professionals.&nbsp; Says you can be listed for free but then they call you and hit you with pressure tactics to join some kind of network thing ...
    Posted to OT POV: Forums (Forum) by Joni Kamiya on March 27, 2008
  • Re: The Best and Worst thing about Being an OT

    From reading your post, it is not too clear what experiences you have had that has lead you to consider the fields that you may be choosing.&nbsp; Hopefully, before you truly decide on your career goal, consider volunteering one on one with an OT.&nbsp; I initially was going into veterinary medicine but when I started really working ...
    Posted to OT POV: Forums (Forum) by Joni Kamiya on March 4, 2008
  • End Stage conditions in the SNF setting

    I am having some issues with some of the admissions of a SNF and therapy.&nbsp; We have been getting some folks with end stage types of conditions, end stage COPD, end stage cardiomyopathy and moderate to severe dementia combinations.&nbsp; When I evaluate these folks, they have dealt with these conditions for so long and are quite aware of ...
    Posted to OT POV: Forums (Forum) by Joni Kamiya on February 29, 2008
  • Re: OT vs. PT issues

    Thanks for both of your answers.&nbsp; Part of the problem was that PTs did not have any goals with toilet transfers yet these clients couldn't even get to the toilet well.&nbsp; They did not work on toileting at all.&nbsp; I did work on the clothes mgmt and hygiene issues as well.&nbsp; That place I worked was really odd.&nbsp; Some of the ...
    Posted to OT POV: Forums (Forum) by Joni Kamiya on February 19, 2008
  • OT vs. PT issues

    Any one out there had some issues with PTs regarding transfers training and simple goals for functional ambulation for self care and home management?&nbsp; I've been working with several PTs who seem to think that we OTs can not ambulate a person to the toilet with a FWW or let alone do toilet transfers as that is supposedly their arena?&nbsp; ...
    Posted to OT POV: Forums (Forum) by Joni Kamiya on February 16, 2008