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  • My First Job as an Accelerated NP Student

    It is tough for new nurses in accelerated nurse practitioner courses to find a first job. A lot of the places willing to hire new grads want them full time, which is impossible with the work load our training requires. There are some employers that require new nurses to sign a binding agreement to complete a certain amount of hours or pay a ...
    Posted to NP & PA Student Blog (Weblog) on February 4, 2013
  • Students vs. The Nurse Veteran

    In an accelerated NP program, newly-minted nurses often find themselves in graduate-level classes with people who have been in the profession for most of their lives. I just passed the NCLEX two weeks ago -- hang on -- I can't hold it in. Hire me! I'm great! Anyone in the central Mass. area looking for a new grad Murse with a background in ...
    Posted to NP & PA Student Blog (Weblog) on October 15, 2012
  • Tales of a ‘Murse’

    Howdy folks, my name is Terry. I'm a student nurse practitioner and this is my introductory blog post. Let's talk about ''murses.'' Do you like Steven Seagal films from the early ‘90s? Who doesn't! In a lot of his movies, there seemed to be an inevitable scene in which Glitter Man himself would walk into a bar and a big drunk dude would growl: ...
    Posted to NP & PA Student Blog (Weblog) on April 2, 2012